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Dad tries to purchase a lady for his 14 year old son

Unbelievably, some nutter from Nottingham was nicked trying to procure a lady of the night for his 14 year old son...

A DAD was arrested after trying to find a prostitute to take his 14-year-old son's virginity.

The man pulled up alongside a woman in Nottingham's red-light district and tried to solicit her to have sex with the teenager.

But the woman was a police officer taking part in an undercover operation in Mapperley Road to target kerb-crawlers.

The 42-year-old dad, from Bulwell, has been ordered to sign the sex offenders' register and will appear at Nottingham Crown Court to be sentenced next month.

He pleaded guilty to attempting to arrange or facilitate a child sex offence by attempting to solicit a woman to have sex with a child.
Bit of an extreme choice of present! Although as a 14 year old, I'd have been quite happy for this, it makes me wonder what the kid's mum said...
jarrod248 said:
Wow that special first time with a hooker? In reality I can't see that it's the best option.
from the state of the working girls I used to see when working the door in Manchester, it would probably put him off for life....

Hmmm, I've just had an idea for sorting the teenage pregnancy issue...
PandaLOVE said:
I distinctly remember my dad clipping me round the chin with his fist on my 14th birthday for gobbing off.[/qu

I bet you look back with a fondness in your eye and your heart and thank him for making you what you are today :lol:
the_guru said:
PandaLOVE said:
I distinctly remember my dad clipping me round the chin with his fist on my 14th birthday for gobbing off.
You will most certainly have deserved it, you clunge smelling bellwhiff.
How uncanny, that's just what he said.

Me..... "WTF was that for"?

Dad..... "Cos' you're a gobby clunge smelling bellwhiff".
F'ckin lowlife toe rag. He obviously doesn't give a toss about the welfare of his kid.

If he did he'd have laid on a 300 quid an hour pro in a hotel room and not a 30 quid junkie scrubber with more diseases than an NHS ward. Cheapskate W'nker with no style.

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