Dad tries to purchase a lady for his 14 year old son

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Schleswig-Holstein, Apr 18, 2009.

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  1. Unbelievably, some nutter from Nottingham was nicked trying to procure a lady of the night for his 14 year old son...

    Bit of an extreme choice of present! Although as a 14 year old, I'd have been quite happy for this, it makes me wonder what the kid's mum said...
  2. I suspect that, if her husband approached her to do the deed, she might have declined.
  3. from the state of the working girls I used to see when working the door in Manchester, it would probably put him off for life....

    Hmmm, I've just had an idea for sorting the teenage pregnancy issue...
  4. Feck me
    I got a cowboy outfit for my fourteenth! Dont they grow up quick these days?
  5. Some dad this one. I'd like to see what he's got planned for the kids 21st.
  6. What?
    Someone bought you the 9/12 Lancers?
  7. 17/21st actually....I liked the badge..real hard looking :wink:
  8. I distinctly remember my dad clipping me round the chin with his fist on my 14th birthday for gobbing off.
  10. What a legend
  11. Bit old to be a dad in Nottingham. At the tender age of 42 he should be a grandfather at least.
  12. More like one of the lads ancestors.
  13. You will most certainly have deserved it, you clunge smelling bellwhiff.
  14. Its my 20th in Ten days and I bet no one buys me sexytime. Pft.
  15. I'm sure Jarrod can accomodate you.