Dad leaving QRL after 25 years.....

So the old man is leaving the regiment after 25 years and we were thinking of getting him a present. As its a pretty big occasion we were trying to come up with something treasurable but couldnt really think of anything.... Anybody got any good ideas?

Many thanks
Black Smith gave,or rather persued,Maj Barry OC B Sqn with an old track link in the eighties,he still had it at Hannover airport (17th/21st Lancers)
Cheers for the replys mate, dont really want to say just incase he looks on here hah :idea: a. The track link sounds like a good idea, Hes 17th/21st aswell so we were thinking something regimental would be ideal you know!
Take a look at malcy"s site, cracking artwork
revmodes said:
Take a look at malcy"s site, cracking artwork
What he said.

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