Dad, I want to join the Army.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by BiscuitsAB, Apr 6, 2007.

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  1. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Is a statement that I hoped one day I would hear one of my boys say. However I think I've changed my mind. Below par kit and little support from the Government and the general public. Why would I want a son of mine to sign up to that?

    I think that my brother and my step son will be the last of my family to serve for a while.

    The news today is obviously full of the 15 returnees and the 4 who wont be returning. The 15 RM and RN seem to be getting slagged off for giving in too easily, as if any of those who make these comments even have half a clue. I doubt they even have half a brain cell!

    And our 4 young soldiers who paid the ultimate price, have my utmost respect. What vehicle were they travelling in? the news says warrior and I'm sure I've seen some bushmaster casings on the floor but the video footage I keep seeing is showing afv 432's!

    FFS I remember being a young Kid in the early 1970's and watching my dad work on 432's at 7 AMD BDE in Saltau.

    My brother has recently had to scrounge CVRT's of another Btn because he couldn't get the parts required to get enough of his wagons on the road to run a Recce cadre!

    My Step Sons out on his 2nd Herric, and as per the norm has had to spend
    a shed load of cash on providing himself with Kit that will actually be servicable!

    So I have to say with a heavy heart that if either of my two sons say "Dad, I want to join the army" I'm likely to say "No son I dont think thats a good idea"
  2. Had that thrown at me in the last few weeks. I for one have advised both off spring 'Are you out of you f**king tiny mind' Gone are the days of 'learning' your trade in BFG. Exercising in your chosen role, then once in a blue moon deploying to a war zone were you may or may not be employed in the job you trained for. B**lox, I'm afraid my kids won't be stagging on for Blair to betray, nor that jock tosser GB. Bitter and twisted I may be but tall tales Tony has done me no favours, nor his anal retentive b*ll Sh*t*ng party.
  3. We fought so our children dont have to, but where does the line get drawn? Im from a military family too, my parents did not want me to join the army, but at 18, with no prospects I joined up with my parents support as they thought I could make a better name for myself, my sister on the other hand is 22 now, just finished a nursing degree and cant for the life of her get a job since finishing last summer, so she too has just signed on the dotted line too, my parents are gutted as they paid her through uni with the hope that she would get a "normal" job. For some the army is the only option or certainly the best option.
  4. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    My cousin graduated as a Doctor a few years back.She got a job in a DIY store for 3 years after as she could'nt get a position & ended up going abraord.
  5. You see? what is that all about? I will have to admit, havent hardly got a CSE to my name, but got lucky with a job last year when I left the army, it bores me yes, but I look round nowadays and I see people with fcuk all and me makes me grateful for the experiances and qualifications I gained from the army, nowadays is not the best of times to join granted, but there is and always will be potential for young people to make something of themselves from the army.
  6. Cheers for the morale boost guys, some of us start phase 1 in just over 48 hours :roll:
  7. My kids are quite young, but i've always maintained that if they join the forces it should be as officers as they always look after themselves within the establishment