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Dacia (Romania) . . . look to do well . . .

Whilst pontificating on another thread . . .


. . I realised that it would be more appropriate - and, maybe of interest to someone - for the following to be posted/copied here . .

Dacia (Romania) . . . look to do very well. Now owned by Renault, they are using previous generation Renault mechanical sub-assemblies to compete with (other) "economy" brands :)

Dacia UK
Duster - Design

To my knowledge, Skoda and Dacia are the only COMECON/Warsaw Pact former "Eastern Europe" - NOW "Central Europe" (EU) - automotive manufacturers, that have survived/deserved to survive, "the transition".

However, further east of the “New Frontier” . . .

AUTOCAR magazine . . . said:
. . . AUTOCAR magazine does mention this week (today, 09 MAY 2012, “footnote” page 15), that . . .

“Renault-Nissan is to acquire a majority stake in Avtovaz, the Russian firm that makes Ladas. Renault-Nissan will invest almost £500 million in it. Core Lada models will be updated and new cars from all three brands will be launched in Russia”.
Don’t get me going on the years 1990 -to- 1996, that I spent visiting Russian/Ukrine/Belorus Ministries and automotive manufacturers; Polish and Volvo Headquarters/facilities; trying to attract foreign/western investment into the Russian/Ukrine/Belorus automotive industries . . . =-\\\\


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