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Having got a DAB radio at last how the fcuk do I find what stations on where? I've gone through the Autoscan and it's picked up some real crap, is there a way to manual tune into stations?
As it's going through the channels it's coming up with 12A, 12B etc and a freq but not saying what station is on what frequency. Tried googling it but can't seem to find much.
Anyone got a list of what station is on what channel/frequency etc?
DAB was meant to be the great leveller. One of the best radio stations on the planet handed over it's FM Band in the most populated area to its sister station and went on to AM. This was years ago, 'Oh shit' says everyone. 'Nonsense' said the MD 'DAB is the thing sounds great and we're on it'
So he took it home and not another word he lived in a black spot which is apparently everywhere either outside cities or ovrlooked by a tall building.
If you have wifi in the house may I suggest internet radio now that works a treat. Or ebay get a Roberts.
skidmarx - "Or ebay get a Roberts."

Woe 'dar, I say woe 'dar. Perhaps it depends what you want and where you want it. I too regard Roberts as traditional doggies doodahs. Couple of years ago decided I was fed up with struggling to get GB news in various Europe, so forked out on a pricey Roberts 'World' radio. Read the blurb which came with it and was comforted to read how wonderful and powerful my new mighty atom was.

However, there I was, less than a thousand miles away in N. Italy and no World Service? :omg: Picking-up Italian, French, Swiss and stacks of A-rab stations which usually bleed merrily over everyone else, but no Pom, just a bit of Septic religious?

Digging 'facts' back home, the truth is there is no attempt to broadcast over Europe, Da Es Mabongo maybe, but Europe no.

I found more. Techies and anoraks, bods with no commercial interest, quietly stating as a matter of fact, the fidelity of DAB is BELOW FM :omg:

Net result opinion, the f'kin BBC are not 'improving' things for their paymasters, us, they are bullshining us to let them employ a crapier, cheaper, service so they can sling £6M the way of Woss and ponce about with computer screenings while telling people to shell out an arm and a bollox on mega expensive - pointless - HD plasmas that are big enough to substitute a partition wall.

When we get a new Gobment, one task has got to be good kicking for these pretend 'Pubic Service' servants - though not up the ARRSE as too many would enjoy that :roll: - and a change to accountability and an end to bollox.

Well, I've had a DAB radio alarm for two years now and the quality of reception and sound I get on it is far superior to the analogue one it replaced. Guess it must just be luck of the draw or location.
Thanks No 9. Agree, DAB really is woeful.
Thats a bummer about the Roberts, they used to be good. I get to hear that a lot these days.
At the risk of getting burned at the stake possibly a look at the Guardian site, they're doing an offer on a Sony world radio.
And as for trusting the Tories to do anything much less the right thing when it comes to radio. I'll not be holding my breath but I admire your optimisim
I bought the Roberts World service radio 7 years ago. It came with a handy sw pam that showed various settings for Global coverage. After a day or so of fiddling world service, only snag was losing the frigging pam
Dunno what the problem is,I have a £32 DAB tuner plugged into the back of my 15 year old Hi-Fi,its little wire hangs down on the floor,fantastic sounds. Bought another tuner,plugged it into the back of the wifes Bose Wave radio,great sound. 8)
skidmarx - "Thats a bummer about the Roberts, they used to be good. I get to hear that a lot these days."

I'm not saying the Roberts World isn't a nice piece of kit, but if the slags at the BEEB are not broadcasting over Europe, you can't pick anything up no matter what kit you use - properly aligned dish excepted, but not exactly a 'pocket receiver' ;) Now, if you care to stand on the southbound platform of Balham Station (gateway to the South), and look across the way and to your right, you'll see a faded sign for 'Roberts for EchoVision'. Course, in my day :sleepy: it was kept fresh and illuminated ;) Might have taken 50 odd years for the advertising to have an effect on me, but nice to see Roberts is still around :salut:

"At the risk of getting burned at the stake possibly a look at the Guardian site, they're doing an offer on a Sony world radio."

Sounds like the Sony that has been doing the rounds, particularly in the 'specials' market, for some time? Seem to remember it had fair reviews for the price. Certainly I feel it was pointless me forking out so much HAD IT BEEN MADE CLEAR to all and sundry in the first place that World Service is NOT broadcast to Europe. Roberts need amend their docs and publicity too.

Why are they selling DAB Radio's if you cant recieve the digital radio services you want to listen to .

Recieved this email from BBC Information

Unfortunately we are unable to expand the coverage of Radio Wales and Radio Cymru on DAB until licences are awarded by Ofcom and the successful operators start broadcasting.

Local DAB licences covering Northeast Wales & West Cheshire, Mid and West Wales and North Wales have been awarded by Ofcom but there are no confirmed dates for the start of these services at present. When they do start, coverage may be limited within the service areas initially, due to commercial considerations and the availability of frequencies.

It is part of our current and long term strategy to deliver all of our digital radio services to as many licence fee payers, on as many platforms as possible. Therefore the BBC digital radio stations are also available on Freeview, other digital television platforms and via the internet.
DAB is utter sh!t. I've had to solder on a traditional aerial to replace the kack telescopic effort. As for the stations, Jesus-H-christ on a bike what dross...BFBS excels at been utter dump. Not fit for purpose.
I bought a " Roberts " hand held world service radio 2003 , brilliant piece of kit . Kept me us all fully informed as we were cowering at the bottom of the scud pits .

As for DAB i have one also , never had a problem with it , i live in a good area . its luck of the draw :(

wifi radio through your PC is very good Quality .

Most of the training areas UK are not DAB friendly so i wouldnt bother carting your DAB tranny with you as block/ room entertainment , forget it .

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