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Obviously of the unclassified nature.....but any snippits for us lesser mortals in the Corps?  ???
Hardly worth the travel (some distance I might add). Couple of highlights, but overall, failed to grasp most of the thorny issues.

CGS laid it on the line - might kick joint ass once CDS. Sounds like we are in love with the good ol US of A and the Euro Force is sh** canned. Be prepared to go anywhere, any time as long as it is in the back of a C130J. That might just limit the amount of toys for the JF Commander!.

All you Sigs chaps better start waking up and spending time at the AEC getting your ECDL..big change coming. Better inform the Dinosaurs at SAAvn..no more D10 laying through fast running streams, chasing 110s in NBC kit on the Plain and 8m mast balancing at night in IPE to get comms with the voice of the Regt! Good CIS brief - laid it on the line. Supported everything the Trades Review has been saying for a while.

Speaking of which, the most important key note speaker OC TRIPT, (in the words of the Director)..was left with only 15 minutes to get across the stuff which really mattered! But he still gave a punchy no holds brief...at least someone is really thinking of how we really need to structure, train and operate with AH and beyond.

The Det Comd concept looks just about what we really need. Front row still not prepared to admit that the JLC and SCC have failed to deliver the goods and its about time to deep six them both. Clearly, supported by the revelation that the current JLC is now down below the minima to actually run the course! ???

Avn Cmn training about to kick off. Sgt pilot at Wings by Apr 04- another score for the TRT. Long overdue. Non QHI instructors, at last, its only taken about 20 years to smell the coffee on this one!  :D

Ground standards- definitely, should have done it years ago. Another ace from the team!

Sounds like all is not well with trade training at SAAvn..now theres a surprise! We keep sending guys back for so called trade training upgrade courses and they break them doing ACFTs, log runs, loaded march etc....if we want people to do P Coy..then thats where we send them! One of our lads failed a Sigs 1 course because he "lacked experience" in commanding a Det? Whats that all about? Isnt that supposed to be taught on the so called developmental JLC? Trades Review sound like they are on the nail when he said that Phase 2 & 3 trg has potential for "rationalisation and restructuring". We need lads and lasses who are good refuellers, handlers and re-armers, not psuedo Infantry. Basic mil and soldier skills yes- no argument, candidates for FFQ at Brecon - wrong Arm and Service I would say.

If the noises about Reservist Infantry conducting re-arming and refuelling are true, this could dilute the role of the Groundies. Why not use them to secure the location and let our guys get on with the stuff we are supposed to be training them for?

Despite all of that...the whole show could collapse anyway. Sounds like about 40 odd % of our soldiers have had enough of poor man mangement, bergan runs, painting wheel nuts and cra* pay and voted with their feet :eek:

OC TRT has just come up trumps..and everyone is turning off the lights!! If the theme of the conference was change for the future...we definitely need to change the tide of exodus. No DROPS drivers, no rockets...no AH...no mission.. :'(

Standards brief good...watch out for Thursdays and Lynx Refuel Caps!

Manning brief highlighted the shortfalls in Captains and ATprs / LCpls..but didnt really say how full manning is really going to be achieved!

O&D video clips stole the show..good job to...no-one could understand the formula for AH training anyway. Sounds like the only way to get extra manpower from the tribunal is to get in first with some of the gas used by Spetsnaz in a Moscow theatre. Dont hold your breath for additional training staff..just yet!

Bottom line...if you want to know whats going on..invite the TRIPT to your unit. Everyone kept referring to them during their briefs, so looks like a good bet. I hear our Charlie Oscar intends to get them up!

Conference---could have been better, more work on the real issues- 7 / 10 ::)  
Lets hope they are accomplished oarsmen then.

Yes..the Trades Review brief included Avn Crewman. A replacement for the ADG. It would appear there are 67 posts somewhere...although I dont think they are being recruited yet? If I recall, they are aiming to have bods trained for BLUH in about 04.

Badge for life based upon 1/2 of the current pilot wings, full flying pay being staffed and looks to be the route to pilot for the future.

Dedicated pilot type to supervise and conduct training.

Training brief said course / training was modular. Kicks off with about 13 hours of fixed wing + a generic course, followed by modules to suit type of aircraft and posting.

Yet another blinder from the TRT..things are looking up 8)

It looks like a case of making do until these new bods kick in though :(
Sound promising, do think its the truth or a pie crust promise?

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