Da-daaa......Mum of the year is.........

Right choice?

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This has got to be some sort of wind up eh?

"In winning the accolade she beat shortlisted contenders Kate Moss, Jade Goody and Heather Mills McCartney."

Beating off the rivals of a crack whore, a pig thick reality tv racist and some gold digger with a false leg FFS

"On New Year's Eve he was rushed to hospital after he was scalded, having climbed into an empty bath and turned on the hot tap." A decent parent would never leave a child unattended in the bathroom would they?

Hang on, is it April 1st?
She looks quite tasty - who is she?
Two of these - Moss and Price - just soak up all the bulls*it that is written about them. They sail serenly on their way and make no fuss about the stuff that is written against them. They do not moderate the way the live or seek protection from those who make loads of money photographing and castigating them. They may not be the role models we would like to see and doubtless they attract a lot of jealousy.
For my money - good on them. What they have now came from their own efforts. More fools us for lining their pockets.
HOW ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Didn't one of her kids used to be in Different Strokes???

indoubitabley said:
Didn't one of her kids used to be in Different Strokes???

wrong show is he not "FAT ALBERT" ????
A worthy winner.

Both of them.
Despite my raging hangover I was having a good day, until this. What about all the celebrity mothers that aren't in the papers for snorting coke, racist abuse, getting their t1ts out or gold-digging? Why do we even need a celebrity mum of the year? Why do I care?

Damn it, I'm now so angry that the Future Mrs Bat_Crab is going to get a proper beating when I get home...
Looking at nominees past and present, isn't this a Celebrity Mum contest rather than 'Mum of the Year'?
Kate Moss apparently snorted her indignation.

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