Da Bomb.....The Final Answer - Hottest chilli sauce known to man!


Just got back from my local after a swift half. Full boxhead drama unfolded before my eyes. Bloke walks in with this little bottle of sauce called Da Bomb...the hottest chilli sauce known to man.

The bottle ends up at this Boxhead's table whilst he's in the toilet. He gets back to his place, sees the bottle, thinks it's schnapps and downs it in true teutonic fashion. Then his head goes beetroot. Then he's outside bent up double and vomiting. Then he's paralysed by cramp. Ambulance and emergency doctor turn up and rush him to hospital.

Meanwhile, the landlord is searching out the funny **** who brought the evil juice onto his premises!!!

Lessons for Herman:

1. Read the label
2. Don't be greedy!


Only the lowest echelons of the world gorge on chilis. The smart eat food that doesn't need to be disguised.
Da Bomb is for elderly nuns or those who bought a Sinclair C5. Real men serve their unwitting German guests a bottle of "Mad dog" chilli sauce.