DA Arrested On Airplane

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Spanner, Feb 19, 2005.

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  1. Refuse to believe it!

    Officer. Standards. BBC Commies. Not in my day.

    Made me laugh! :oops:
  2. Has rep as good guy, ex RA and an ex army pilot I understand.
  3. Still a tit for refusing to switch of his phne and laptop when asked to, and then mention the B word on a plane! :D
  4. AS, I dont see anything about phone or laptop in that story, maybe u were thinking of the trial of a part-time Scottish Sheriff who had been on the plane to Stornoway?

    Re the DA (Defence Attache), without prejudging what actually happened, I suppose if any of us were ever to over-indulge it would be on the long flight home after what this guy has probably been doing for the past many weeks.
  5. Agree Hackle, didn't see any of the mentioned laptops/b word/phone on the story I read.

    If he had been identifying bodies, why was he on a public flight like that? As we are often told PTSD is not another way of saying you are a weak person. Most people would probably reach for the bottle after seeing one, let alone any more, bodies that probably look quite bad (i'd imagine).

    However, why was he allowed to be on his own? Couldn't a babysitter be found for him? Or even a private aircraft of some sort, Prince Andy seems to get one quite often.

    Again, something hits the papers because of something silly and trivial, and because the papers love putting us all over their pages.
  6. Simple answer is COST, FOC/DAs department is strapped for cash so some poor DA, a lowely Col. does not warrent a seperate flight.

  7. Yes. Not speculating on this particular case. However, I guess there are several members of this site who have seen literally hundreds of (enemy military) bodies in one morning, in various states, without it ever really bothering them afterwards.

    I am also told that it's funny what can get to you in the end, and often not at the time. Even the sight of a single civilian body in the presence of grieving family. Or a child. Or a comrade. Effects can be cumulative, and nothing to be ashamed of.

    There ARE ways beyond this, see PTSD thread elsewhere on this site.
  8. Hackle, couldn't agree more - I've been there.

    Lost two good lads in Belfast. I identified one at the scene to save the family having to do it. Took a year before it hit me and boy did it hit.

    Lets leave this poor guy alone.

    Nuf said.
  9. 17? Over reaction anyone?
  10. I detect a thread of sympathy running through this topic. Good. I'm glad that we're content to wait until the details are known rather than tear to shreds the individual - we don't know the background to the case...

    In a previous life, I helped bury 4 guys in 2 seperate funerals in one day, including close contact with all the families involved. All of us who were involved were taken home, personally helped by our more sober mates. We tied on a session to end all sessions at the end of that day. Maybe he was in a similar situation, emotionally. Let's wait and see.
  11. Try reading it again, what the BBC meant to say was:

    Clearer now?