D1 Minibus licence - where to get it

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by shootingbates, May 1, 2010.

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  1. My Regiment says it wants more minibus drivers as it only has about 4, who still have it through grandfather rights e.g. everyone could drive them in my day

    How can I get on this course?

    My PSI says he can't find any running at the moment.

    Are there any Reg Army courses running that I could attach on?
  2. Firstly - There's no need to shout!

    Minibus course? It's a big car with more seats.

    If you have D1 on your licence; then surely it's just a case of being Fammed up?

    (Is there no way of finding a few people in the unit that had it on their old FMT form a while back?)
  3. Sorry, messed up the text size, my bad

    No I need the D1 licence and FAM
  4. D1 is a seperate licence category, if you dont have it you cant drive a minibus........simples. Get your Training wing to approach your local DELTA. If you have a DLAI in your unit who can teach D1 then that should make things easier. Otherwise its its justification for Contract Driver Training, through your directorate and DELTA again.
  5. So your regiment wants drivers but expects you to do all the leg work ?

    I know what I'd do mate
  6. Walk? :D
  7. Nope, have a nice long kip whilst someone else does the driving.

    Having said that I do hold a D1, and I do my fair share of driving :p
  8. Common problem these days, I know a number of units where the CSM, OC, etc. are the drivers because they are the only ones old enough to have 'grandfather rights, and the rest are all giving it zz's in the back.

    The guys are also loathe to volunteer because they are aware that will condem them to be duty driver for years, given the current attitude towards getting guys through the course.

    It requires, Medical, Theory Test, a week at least training and then passing, its also too short to be a CQE, so is normally in addition to camp.
  9. I don't think it does these days, you can carry passengers on the training area but that's it. To be used as a person transporter the beddycopter has to have the Alton Towers seats, which instantly turns it into a PSV
  10. msr

    msr LE

    Officers are not allowed to drive...
  11. Not allowed or not trusted?

    (Certainly not allowed to navigate.) :)

    If you have it you will be condemned to spending every journey to anything fun in the driving seat. No more sleeping on the way there, drinking the night before, drinking on the day or sleeping on the way back. And you will get spammed for more obscure events that you even realise exist.

  13. the issue , as i understand it from my time with the TA was that even with a full Col. as CO t anything other than the most trivial discipline matter involving an Officer driving would need to be referred to Bde.

    this was when the D1 stuff was just beginning to bite and consequently a few officers did have FMT600s either from their time in the ranks ( e.g. when there wasn't a proper plan for Student Nurses) or due to a convincing operational need ...

    the D1 issue is an ongoing saga in any paid employment which has a requirement to drive D1 type vehicles ( it's biting the BiB hard due to carriers being D1 - and fewer and fewer PCs and even Sgt on response sections having D1)

    also hoop jumping becomes a factor - in my volunteer role with SJA , despite being a SO3 ( wears a major's crown as rank marking) i end up driving because a lot of members don't have the experience of driving or the operational need to be a driver - where I keep my driving authorisation becasue of 'operational need' as i am ambulance crew ...
  14. a youth organisation I volunteered had a mare getting people through the test because most the testers are PSV testers so expect you to drive it like a bus :x
  15. it was was a volunteering role , get S.19 permits and you can drive on B + MiDAS training assuming the buses are <3.5 t MAM or <4.25 if they are 'accessible'

    MiDAs assessments while being pretty much to the standards of a DSA test are minibus focussed ...