Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by APSED, Oct 13, 2007.

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  1. Your new number, does it start with 3001?

    I think I am right in saying that anyone enlisting in the army now get a service number starting with the digits above, apparently this is to do with JPA. The Admin office at your unit should be able to clarify this.

    As for your old number, I think you have lost that mate! :(
  2. I always thought once you'd had a number issued it was yours for life, not just christmas!
  3. The computer says you must have a new number, and the computer is always right. =|
  4. You'll defo get a new number mate.When I was a stab my number started 25157 it now starts 25159 as I'm now a reg
  5. It may affect all numbers soon due to Jpa.
  6. Does that mean that when I re-enlist I will lose my 2507 number and be issued with a new one? God damn it people with think I am a crow!!!!!!!!!
  7. 2507.......You are a crow! :twisted:
  8. :D :D :D
  9. 2507? Less said about that the better. Basically if you are already on JPA and transfer to Regular from JPA you will keep the same number. Whereas if you are re-enlisting (after an undefined gap) you will get a new "300" number.

    Someone explained to me that this is the diferrence betwen LSN - Lifetime Serial Number and PIN - Personal Identification Number. Hoo haa, its all nonsense but hey, computer she know best.

    By the way my hubby's old number started with 2438 - does that make him a nig as well?
  10. I kept my original number in the Regs, UDR and TA.The ex Royal Irish that have joined us now have the new numbers that start 3001,they have been told that they will eventully get their old numbers back.
  11. LOL I suppose I asked for that one, although it is nearly 10 years old!!!!!!!!!!

    As "issued" in April 1998!
  12. You should keep your old number having worked as a recruiter we have this problem all the time
  13. Nope, that makes him a wrinkled decrepid old b*stard.............

    Like me.......... :cry: