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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by masher69, Feb 18, 2008.

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  1. is there an asssocation for former members of the naughty boys club? i was there end of 91, i had a good laugh and it wasnt hard
  2. How naughty were you?
  3. Greenhouse duties for you was it??
  4. pig farm , and not very naughty
  5. details?

    With a name like MAsher it should be good, unless you were NCO I/C potato preparation
  6. I like the thinking, was his 2 i/c called Dauphin noir?
  7. did a fair bit of spud peeling (by machine) in sgts mess , best place for nicking large butts out of ashtrays ,then hidden down socks for later! i was in for smoking weed very boring i know, waste of time , but most were in for drugs or awol or a bit of both ,where are you now SHERGAR
  8. Yep and the rest of the section Roaster, chipper, boiler, cheeseymasher, sauttier & Birdseyewaffler?
  9. I was A wing myself ( 6 months GCM soldier on ) around 84 but I can remember 2 Para's on D wing both ex Falklands vets, who'd been allowed to grow great big fcuk off Taliban type beards...both had been court martialled for refusal to jump, and got 6 months discharge
  10. In a bag all in one go or via seepage over time?
  11. At a steady flow over a number of months, good for the skin, I'm told :D
  12. most lads considered A wing great for the career get stripe up when you rejioned reg as they bent over to reform you?(no homo jokes)
  13. Maybe in 3 Para mortars :D :D
  14. I don't agree with the reform system.

    For being a druggie you would have just been hung, then gassed.
  15. nice, nazi style penal system, what about the boys who go awol when there unit is about to go on tour . shot at dawn for desertion. nobber