D-Type knife ?? Help please


The German arm of his company did. Derboothausistblau.AG,Gmbh got the contract for refurbishment of survival knives in 1996. So much work was put into them trying to get a sharp blade they had to be used as Bratty and kebeb skewers.
Yeah I kind of remember that now, but I'm sure it was 80 something?
I was offered one of those in Belize as a gizzit back in 92. After a minute or so of weighing it up in my hands, feeling it's heft and generally admiring it, I turned it down.
Simply for the reason I had zero use for it. It was unusual, nicely made and I'm sure is very good for the purpose it was designed for, but as an everyday knife it fell well short.
From memory the D type is the RAF version of the Wilkinson Sword survival knife.

The D type is a well made item from memory. Early army issue Wilky knives were well made and durable items, but the latest models are a bit pants. They tend to just not be made to top standards and are prone to the finger guards coming loose.

There are knife makers who offer a service to put a far better grind on Wilky knives, this then leaves them as a far better tool.
Think the design is what's known as a camp knife (Ooh, butch!). Basic utility tool around camp.


Just for info here is an example of an aftermarket regrind.

The first two minutes covers the improved sheath.

All the above look very similar to the mass produced “rigging set” knives issued to RN seamen.
Survival knives Carried by aircrew, have the blade on the inside edge of the knife an dit’s slightly curved as i recall. Something to do with not putting a hole in the rubber dingy, with the sharp end?
Old, pointy UK pattern. Sometimes seen in a Yellow sheath, this one with a ventile patch for immersion suit attachment.
Not that I have any experience of US forces kit, but remembering films involving US forces, that looks like a US forces issued knife. Standard issue to US Paras?
Not US issue with a broad arrow mark
I had one of those fifty years ago (no idea where it came from) but it was thieved from my pit on ex in Germany by someone from 3 Div HQ & Signal Regiment or Squadron or whatever you thought you were. I know who it was and I'm coming for you. You can't hide, and nor can your wife or daughters.
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