D sqn RMLY ( what do ya think of it?)

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by TROOPER2493, Nov 1, 2007.

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  1. blog away with what u really think
  2. Good lads. Eat a lot of pies. Anything else?
    Oh by the way, please dont post the same topic in the same froum twice. Or even the same topic in several different forums.
  3. Best TA sqn in the british army.

    You know what this site is like so why you inviting people to have a poke at us? :?
  4. Hope they are not all like you posting twice, your as thick as a crust on a greggs pie.
  5. im inviting no one to have a pop, a simple fact, we are the best at what we do. but what i meant was more internal politics. what is the best way forward for the sqn and individual career prospects as at the moment its a case of a: kissing the right ass and b: courses for stripes, no one seems concerned about whether ur any good with a rifle, just if u have a tick in a box then ur promoted. other things like training weekends, is the current format right for us? there is a lot of discention in the ranks at the moment and to much in fighting, it needs to be sorted.
  6. but that is just my opinion.
  7. Looks like you have a problem, the best way to resolve this is not in the public eye! you should confront the issues you mention, work hard keeping your head down and mouth shut. Working in this way will earn you respect and recognition of those who may help your career. All you have done by posting this is to highlight your squadron and give it a bad name which is quite foolish. Any future possible recruits who type D SQN RMLY into google can now get directed here and could be put off from joining by this discussion. You are as usual going the wrong way about trying to get attention and giving yourself and you unit a bad name! stand by for another b0110cking!

    I am sure all other units are rife with internal politics and arrse kissers, but D Sqn is by far the best unit I could ever to have hoped to serve with. since joining i have made some of the best and closest friends ever to the point that some are like family now. Please disregard this TROOPER(for life probably)'s comments as he may just be a loner with a grudge and not a true representation of how our unit is!

    rant over!!!!!!!
  8. 1. internal- means internal
    2. if you are still a tpr then you're not kissing the right ass
    3. courses for stripes, says exactly what it means
    4. ticks in the boxes = promotion
    5. discention in the ranks- its dicks like you
    6. your sacked
  9. Twat.

    You won't be hard to trace will you, now, whos a Tpr with the Regimental number of 2493?
  10. You kiss pack animals?

    Bunch of arse.
  11. Stupd boy...
  12. Ive got his card marked "TROOPER2493 guard again son"
  13. Think you need to have a chat with someone from his unit so they can give him a bloody good talking to behind the bike shed.
  14. if its the guy i think it is he is away this weekend if we get word to the lads they could give him the private pile soap in a sock treatment!
  15. What you do doesn't appear to be speaking English. Oh and if D Sqn are the best, why have 2nd Troop of A Sqn won the regimental troop tests on the regimental Ftx? We won in the year before.