D Sqn - 1 CSMR

I am about to arrive in Germany posted to D sqn early september. this is my second med regt posting so I know what i'm letting my self in for :x What i'm after is info on the ppl i'm gonna be working with and if there going away soon? just a yes or no would be nice (dont want all the details)Also what are the qtrs like cos i'm bringing my Wife and Dog with me.
All help is greatfull
Well then, if this is gonna be your second Med Regt posting, then why don't you phone your new Sqn or Regt Families Office and ask the questions that you are posting on here!
My understanding was that the D Sqns were the 'DS' Sqns which were formed after FAS, however, this may be wrong? As to Munster, you'll love it. Get the Dog chipped and blood tested before you go and it will be able to travel to and fro UK with you too.

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