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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Imperial_Warrior, Aug 8, 2009.

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  1. Other than Company HQ in Bishop Auckland, can anyone tell me where are the other detachments?

  2. 5RRF factsheet

    Durham (0191 375 5195)
    Bishop Auckland (01388 660074) with detachments at Washington, Sunderland &
    Newcastle (0191 2797 290) with detachments at Tynemouth
    Ashington (01670 813344) with a detachment at Alnwick
  3. saddened to see that Army re badging and cutbacks also mean cutting back on reputations and identities. The current 5RRf is better known to ex fusiliers such as myself as 6RRF and they are well respected within the "family" as being professional and easy to work with as were the original 5RRF.
    Because of the changes lot's of information obtainable before seems now to be lost.. Characters, incidents, acheivements etc.. etc...
    When will top brass ever learn that we all have loyalty and respect for the units that we have served or trained with and the constant changes have only watered down our traditions that have been the mainstay of the british army for hundreds of years.

    "Once a Fusilier... Always a Fusilier"
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  4. When they have the wonga to enable them to worry about such things.