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D of E been busy. Well done.

He also paid tribute at 'the rock', equivalent to your 'clock'

Defence News and Media » The Duke of Edinburgh presents berets to Special Air Service Regiment intake

The Duke of Edinburgh presents berets to Special Air Service Regiment intake​
His Royal Highness, The Duke of Edinburgh Prince Philip, visited the Special Air Service Regiment (SASR) at its home base in Perth today, to present the coveted ‘sandy’ berets to the latest Army soldiers to pass the rigorous selection course and be accepted into the Special Forces Regiment.
Addressing the soldiers and their family members after the presentations, Prince Philip thanked all those present and paid tribute to the soldiers who sacrificed their lives while serving the nation.
“I want you to know how much it means for me to be here, to have this opportunity to congratulate these lads on surviving the course, and express to you my admiration and respect for your work,” Prince Philip said.
“I would also like to congratulate the parents who must feel so very proud today.
“It is with great honour that I present to you this symbol of your dedication and service, and congratulate you again on your remarkable achievement.”
Trooper K, who received his SASR beret from Prince Philip, had an opportunity to talk to His Royal Highness.
“It’s a real privilege to have him visit us, and to receive my beret from him,” Trooper K said.
“We talked about the role of the Regiment and the work we do in Afghanistan and in providing security for domestic events like CHOGM.”
During his time with the SASR, The Duke of Edinburgh met many current and former SASR members, toured the Historical Research Centre and spent time at the Garden of Reflection to lay a wreath in honour of those members of the Regiment who have lost their lives while on operations or in training.
His Royal Highness was accompanied by the Minister for Defence, Stephen Smith, the Special Operations Commander Australia, Major General ‘Gus’ Gilmore, and various local and state dignitaries.
After the laying of the wreath at the Garden of Reflection, the Chairman of the SAS Historical Foundation, Major Gregory Mawkes, accompanied Prince Philip as he toured the SASR’s historical collections and heritage exhibitions.
“The Duke of Edinburgh was very pleased to visit the History and Research Centre and see the history of SAS come alive,” Major Mawkes said.
“The SASR has established the Centre to record the evolution of the Regiment, and preserve and display the proud heritage of SASR.”
The visit came after Her Majesty the Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh had opened the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Perth.


Wonder if he had a stroll down the nudist beach after the ceremony!
Wonder if he had a stroll down the nudist beach after the ceremony!
I can read that two ways, either I'm hoping he's checking out the tits, or the other - 'Prairie Dogs'. For those who don't know 'Prairie Dogs' is for those strange little men who prefer other men and hide in the dunes.
Wonder if "Phil the Greek" is an appropriate nick name.,,,,,,,,

Mark The Convict

How long do they think their petty 'instant tradition' will last after they've retired?
Dunno, the slouch hats are a bit of an Aussie tradition and a chick magnet overseas!
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