D of E Beret Presentation

Discussion in 'Australia' started by beagleboy, Oct 29, 2011.

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  1. D of E been busy. Well done.

    He also paid tribute at 'the rock', equivalent to your 'clock'

    Defence News and Media » The Duke of Edinburgh presents berets to Special Air Service Regiment intake



  2. Wonder if he had a stroll down the nudist beach after the ceremony!
  3. I can read that two ways, either I'm hoping he's checking out the tits, or the other - 'Prairie Dogs'. For those who don't know 'Prairie Dogs' is for those strange little men who prefer other men and hide in the dunes.
  4. Wonder if "Phil the Greek" is an appropriate nick name.,,,,,,,,
  5. Yeah, the RSM-A, and the Chief of Army prefer we were all a WW1 reenactment society.
  6. How long do they think their petty 'instant tradition' will last after they've retired?
  7. Dunno, the slouch hats are a bit of an Aussie tradition and a chick magnet overseas!
  8. *remembers* Chicks! That's right! *reconsiders*
  9. Pain in the arse otherwise though.