D of E award scheme going?

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by ivan_the_tolerable, May 17, 2011.

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  1. I heard the other day that the D of E may be getting binned from the ACF training syllabus for reasons that were disconcertingly vague, and that this has already happened in some counties. Can anyone confirm, deny or elaborate on this?
  2. It's because the star levels dont match up to the award scheme any more. It's upto your county wether they bin it or not. By the sounds of it the won't get there silver until they have completed scic. So mite aswell scrap it.
  3. Sounds a bit poo. If it is worthwhile, then it should be continued. From a Gold Holder.
  4. The ACF is not binning DofE at all.

    As with many activities in the ACF, the degree of participation will depend on the enthusiasm and capacity of the adult volunteers in any given county, but overall we remain fully committed to DofE.

  5. Could you be more specific? Also, how is the enthusiasm of adult volunteers at grass roots {detachment} level able to affect something that is decided at higher level? The average AI follows a pre-determined training syllabus. The story i heard had all the hallmarks of organisational internal politics, as i said, it was very vague.
  6. I, for one, am delighted to hear that. It has been a long association and valuable for very many cadets.

    .......Nor, had the rumour been true, can I imagine a more uncomfortable position that that individual who would have had the job of taking such news to the ACF Colonel-in-Chief!

    For simply His service in creating the Scheme, and His input for over 50 years, which has been of true value to young people and society through the world, (and even if one disregarded His many other achievements), HRH Prince Philip will probably stand for ever as the most outstanding Royal Consort in our history.

    Even just in the UK, 275,000 young people taking part this year!
  7. A similar rumour was reported some while back by a member of the armycadetforce.com forum, and on looking into it, it seems that a CFAV told a cadet, "we aren't doing D of E anymore"

    This obviously caused some discussion as hundreds of our cadet members on that forum are currently at some stage through the Scheme or have passed Bronze, Silver or Gold.

    What would appear to have happened to spark that original post on our forum was that there was some administrative and temporary problem with that County, which had precipitated that comment, which perhaps could have been better put in some way such as "we are not signing cadets upfor D of E just now".

    As headmarcom indicated, any volunteer organisation is subject to capacity problems at times, and the initial question posted on our forum would seem to have picked up a relatively minor and temporary blip and transformed it towards something looking more sinister.
  8. Fair enough. I shall disregard said rumour. As you say, it would be strange to drop a flagship scheme which enjoys the patronage of the Colonel-in chief.
  9. Well its something that anyone can do anyway, so bin it from the scheme. Any keen DofEers can do it anyway.
  10. As I said. It is upto each county whether they run it or not. Gmacf are apparantly not running with it shortly.
  11. I would be surprised at one County choosing to change the APC Syllabus, and if they should have this wish, the least they will need to do is to change their website information!

    Perhaps someone might like to draw this rumour to the GMACF Command and ask for a clarification of their situation?
  12. But for those who are no longer at school (or are but not at one that runs D of E) they would need to go to a whole lot more effort to organise the damn thing.

    D of E isn't about helping you through the APC syllabus (although it is a handy side-effect), it is about providing a bit of adventure, developing skills and helping the individual to be more of a benefit to their community. It also looks good on the CV. Many counties run BTEC as well which offers close to 0 benefit as far as the APC syllabus is concerned but this doesn't make it worthless.

    I'll add that D of E isn't in the syllabus per se, it is an added extra.

    SCIC is not required for any silver D of E completion.
  13. A young person who has achieved Master Cadet and perhaps Cadet Sergeant or RSM, will be known by anyone with anything to do with the Cadet Foces as one who has put a lot of time, a lot of commitment, and a lot of effort into achieving that.

    There are, sadly, many potential employers in that cadet's possible future, assuming he or she does not go a service route to a career, who will put their own perception upon what those words written on a c.v. might mean in real terms, without any understanding of the effort, ability and interest involved.

    A cadet who can write Gold D of E Award among their achievements can rely of many, many employers who are looking for a good quality of staff taking more interest in that application.

    I am certainly no believer that anyone should go for gold for that reason, but it is to so many a recognised measure of a young person who has stribenm to achieve, as apposed to so many young people you just coast along in life doing not a lot, that my hope would be that any County in the ACF might recognise this, and the added factor that so many ex-Cadets with Gold Awards are excellent ambassadors for the whole ACF and for structured and uniformed youth organisations.
  14. Talon. Wind yer neck in. I never said it was a requirement. They need a silver exped length to complete jcic. But now they also need a practice exped. Most detachments don't hold a practice so cadets will only get to walk on camp during their apc testing. So one year will be a practice exped then the next year will be the qualifying exped. Wish I wouldn't have replied to the post now. Cadet instructors have enough to deal with without d of e. So why not bin it. Lets face it. Our caa's do next to jack shit to help us out
    And my brother completed gold!!!!!
  15. I can see good reasons there why you may not be totally enthusiastic, and some would emanate from local things, some have been affected by the overall development of the ACF.

    The fitting in of D of E with the APC syllabus does need some careful management, and there are, to be fair, pressures of other ACF activitie which can make it difficult. Some of those extra pressures have been over the nation with increased need for health and safety assessments for activities, the newer activities such as outreach and exernal qualifications for cadets and adults, all of which adds a need for CFAV's. Having said that, most detachments when I was involved ran with just one or two adults and staffing has certainly extended over the years.

    Some areas in addition do have staffing problems, where they have not been able to attract enough adult volunteers, and that must for them pressure activities.

    All I would say if that very many counties are very very successful in all areas of what the ACF does, and there does seem to me no detraction from the quality of the senior cadets they produce by being successful at D of E, indeed the opposite.

    Bluntly, if your own feelings are shared widely across your County, there would seem to be local management challenges which are not being met.