D of E and BTEC

Anyone involved in either of the above from an AI's perspective. I am interested to know how well it works in your county?
I did my Bronze and Silver D of E as a cadet and now I'm currently doing my Gold as an AI.

I find that it works really well at Bronze and Silver levels as there is always a lot of cadets involved. We run expeditions regularly and the cadets are regularly chased up and their books signed off as they pass parts of the award.

However at Gold level as there is only a few of us doing it and mostly AIs so it doesn't seem to go anywhere fast. I've passed the majority of it myself and I've tried to push to get the expeditions organised but not having much luck.

B tec is something I know pretty much nothing about and I get the feeling that I'm not alone. In our county no one (except the few instrutors that are directly invovled in running the weekends) really know what its about. I really want to find out more about it as from what I've heard I think it sounds like a really good thing to get the cadets involved with. I just don't know where to look for the info....
Gold Expeditions are planned (usually) for the summer months. Keep an eye on the Army Cadet magazine, they get advertised in there.

Failing that, have a look at the Award Journal, there are many opportunities in there.

Larger counties (like mine) organise their own each summer too (ours went to the Pyrenees this year).
D o E and BTEC hey? Well i'm currently the company D o E and BTEC officer. If you go to the frimley web site the links for D o E and BTEC are there. Have a look they tell you everything you need to know. Basically Bronze is 2star Silver is 3 star and Gold is 4star. To the extend that JCIC and SCIC covers bronze and silver service. Cadets do everything and more to gain D o E you just need to sign them up. Reguards BTEC many activites D o E and becoming a 4star go towards it. I was speaking to a lad the other day hes just got his 3 star and we worked out hes completed half of BTEC before signing up.
Hope that helps fella just read about it and run it in your det not enough of the old school give a toss.

jet cow out
I'm the Dof E Award Officer for my Company, it works well as the cadets have to do very little other than be a cadet to achieve the awards, the ACF syllabus fits in with the award requirements very well.

Every year I organise a couple of bronze expeds, a silver and (on a county level) a gold. Last year we had over 130 award passes in the company. I currently have 210 cadets enrolled in all three levels.

It is very worthwhile and cadets should be encouraged to take part.
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