D Notice story in Big Issue over deceased Fusilier Gentle

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MrPVRd, Oct 30, 2004.

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  1. The Big Issue (charity magazine for the homeless) ran a story that there was a "D notice" issued over the circumstances of Fusilier Gentle's death. Apparently the reason for the "D notice" is OPSEC, but there is a strong suspicion remains it may be to suppress stories of equipment inadequacies.

    The Big Issue ran the story (which I won't reproduce here) in defiance of the "D notice."

    OPSEC or Arrse-covering? :roll:
  2. When was the D-Notice issued , PVR'D ?

    How very sad that Gordon Gentle's death seems to be on the motorway to politicisation :cry:
  3. 3 Sep 04

    Link attached to website with photocopied letter in Adobe Acrobat format.


    The notice itself requests that details of caps/lims are not published, rather than the existense or use of such ECM systems.

    The question "why was Fusilier Gentle's AFV not fitted" seems to fall into the category of ongoing equipment scandals (body armour etc) and is thus a cause of embarrasment to the useless MoD.
  4. The word filtering back was that Fusilier Gentle was killed by a wire-detonated device. If that's true, then all the ECM in the world would not have saved him. There's some anger that his family has been hijacked by Tommy Sheridan's Scottish Socialist mob.

    But having suffered from the MoD's lack of duty of care, I remain open-minded on the issue. It's just a pity it's been politicised and is obviously a tragedy for his parents.