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Anyone know if Scarlett Johansson has changed her e-mail account as well as her phone numbers?

I've tried e-mailing her but no reply and have lost her new contact details.

If anyone is in touch with her can you ask her to text / e-mail me her new contact details, as i've changed my landline number.


Just one question, who the hell is DW.

I know loads of DWs, which one do you want to know about.
I'll have Ewa Sonnets details if anyone has them lying around doing nothing.

No idea who this DISCO character is.....sorry.

He's D, Delightful, I, Incredible, S, Sensational, C, sweet as Candy, he is OoooH Whooooah Oooooh,

He is D I S C O!!!

Ottawan's lawyers will be in touch...


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