D&G vs MDN

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by dutch_paddy, Sep 27, 2006.

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  1. It looks like there is an issue to be settled here, ARRSErs, we need a neutral battleground, weapons and rules.......thoughts?
  2. who's opening the book?
  3. Given their past post with doggies the odds are even but they are not on line now to give the pre-match face off. :twisted:
  4. The first rule of ARRSE Fight Club is - you do not talk about ARRSE Fight Club. The second rule of ARRSE Fight Club is - you DO NOT talk about ARRSE Fight Club.
  5. They made it public not me, we should sell tickets! :eek:
  6. As much as I hate the ground that MDN dares to breath on, I also know for a fact that he is an ex bodyguard and bouncer.

    I elect fisticuffs at dawn following the quaffing of 10 litres of that hot wine sh1te that they sell in Bavaria.

    I put a grand on the northern monkey. What odds do I get?
  7. Not to sure I think that the odds should be the perview of posters as they have a better understanding of their profiles. Location Location location. They both will not go to the others so we need a venue with enough seating and tickets sales. 8)
  8. MDN gets my vote, he would sodomise DG any day.
  9. Man v Mong. That'll be funny.
  10. But little did you know, he's lost some weight recently...



  11. This reminds me of the star trek episode with captain kirk fighting with an unconvincing alien in and arena, ticket sales! Richard Hammond raised 250,000 for a helicopter I think we could do better with ticket sales. This could be an earner for the ARRSE network!
  12. OK, I suggest a "bare knuckle fighting" type venue at a neutral location. Not that I have ever been to one of these illegal functions, but I could (if I searched the internet enough), I'm sure, organise a ring, referee, beverages and food.

    And tickets. 50% of all profits to the winner (MDN, mine will be a large single malt), other 50% behind the bar :)
  13. Arn't the fighter shy? D&G is on line :evil:
  14. You owe me a new keyboard.

    My 20 shiney pee is on the northern monkey. D&G, run and hide mate, I can't protect you anymore.
  15. D&G- might as well go and sign up for some dry bum love from the imates at abu ghraib. It would be less painful.
    Who in the name of Greek buggery is D&G anyway- another walt that thinks they can outwit a doghnut?

    Please- we have seen it all before-

    go investigate sex and travel