D Day weekend in Normandy

Dear Arrsers,
Please may I ask whether any of you know about the ceremonies occurring this D Day weekend in Normandy?

I shall be in Normandy for the 5th June PM and the 6th June AM, and I have been looking to see where I should go to be able to watch a parade/wreath laying or to get within beer offering distance of a veteran.

The website is such an overload of information that I’m struggling to separate the wheat from the Chaff.

I’d be particularly interested in any ceremony occurring at the Pegasus Bridge Museum, but I can’t see anything specific on their website.


Any Suggestions?
Poly, the Museum ceremony usually revolves around laying a wreath at the marked position (relative to the bridge) at which Den Brotheridge was mortally wounded. Worth it if you can spare the time but if you want to see something away from the bridges (ie not dominated by Mme Gondrée/AAC) why not check out the ceremonies at Herouvillette and Escoville.

One or other village hosts a ceremony for the remaining 2 OBLI chaps. It is more poignant because it is where the battalion took their first serious casualties a few days after the landings.

Col Tillett (Adj 2 OBLI on the 6th) remains a little cool about the Brotheridge cult — "It's all very well, but he didn't do anything, he just got shot!"

Hope that helps.
On the same page of the London Gazette as Lt. Brotheridge's MiD...

War Office, 28th September, 1944.
The KING has been graciously pleased to approve
that the- following be Mentioned in recognition of
gallant and distinguished 'services in Italy:—
Lt. (temp. Capt.) The Duke of Wellington (56864)
(killed in action).
Polyethyl said:
Many Thanks,

I found this on the web.

www.airborneassaultnormandytrust.co.uk/.../2010 British Airborne Ceremonies Normandy 2 .pdf

Hello Cuddles, Shall we bring you back a bottle of Calvados?
Why Ethyl, that would be most gracious. Or perhaps some brutal cider. Oh sorry, some brut cider.

Trust all well with you both and your brother? Tell the bold Captain that I returned his call this morning but sadly, like myself, he was unavailable. Perhaps we were somewhere together?!
Oh - visit the WW2 Memorial and Museum - some refer to it as the Peace memorial grrr! - in Caen. It has a very nice cafe/resto with a leafy courtyard. And a menu for 25 Euro!
Afternoon Polyethyl!

Go to the bridge on the evening of the 5th, get there about 10pm. You'll find plenty of veterans who'll be only to happy to drink a beer with you.

Some will have their wives with them who will tell you not to get them started, but ignore them!

There are a lot of wreath laying ceremonies in the cemetery at Ranville, and it's well worth a visit, but it's best to let the veterans pay their respects in private. There's a cafe near the cemetary that a lot of them will make their way to afterwards and you can chat to them there.

It's a shame that I'm not going this year, or I'd drag you along with my lot!

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