D-Day walts

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by tothepubandbeyond, Aug 20, 2006.

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  1. Oklahoma D-Day
    Found an article on this in one of the Mail on Sundays magazines. some of the pictures have horrifically fat walts in, but the worst is the leader of the "allies", who has dubbed himself "Brigadier Sir Raymond H Adams the third" and ponces around in para uniform. I wonder what the paras on Pegasus Bridge would make of him?
  2. This is of course a "waaaah" as there where no paras on Pegasus Bridge, just Ox and Bucks LI. ( D coy 2nd Bn to be precise. ) Gliders and all that.
  3. Sorry F*ckin modern schools done history up to gcse and never had a single lesson on eitheir world war.
  4. Why don't the Yanks act out Pearl Harbour each year? Now that would be fcuking funny as fcuk!
  5. Short work, I'd have thought.
  6. The funniest part of the article was the Authors note that although everyone there wanted to claim some "special" title half of them were too fat to run 100 metres.