D-Day veteran starved himself to death

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by johnboyzzz, Jun 12, 2009.

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  1. Disgrace!!! :twisted:
  2. If only this were an isolated incident.

    When I think of all those who suffered through WWII to defend this country and its people and their values, I can't help but feel guilt for what it has become. They must wonder why they bothered.
  3. Hear!Hear! It must be especially galling to watch as people like Bliar & Co,who themselves have benefitted from a long period of relative peace and stability falling over themselves to throw/give away all the things that all those people fought and died for.
  4. This is disgusting. But I'm certain it will happen again, no one who is able to do anything gives a toss. Labour's attitude to veterans and serving members of the forces throughout their years in office shows that they couldn't care less anyway. As long as they can go on nice holidays it's all OK though isn't it?
  5. Lets not get all party political... The Tories were and are, every bit as mealy mouthed as this present shower of grabbing basTurds. I knew a Falklands veteran who was dossing out back in my home town, he was nice bloke but obviously had mental issues..I heard they found him dead, he had died of hypothermia. They're all as bad as each other when it comes to care for the old and bold! Can't do linky's..But just type in Homeless ex service personnel or something similar. You'll be amazed at the figures, but sadly not surprised!!!

    They wouldn't let this man live in dignity...they forced him to die that way!!

    RIP...Mr Tonkin...Ubique!
  6. Very sad, heard of a few over the years, lost all their mates / friends and family over time, then just gave up.
    One that always stuck in my mind was an old vet who died in similar circumstances clutching a few old photos and his medals.
  7. Well said. We forget just how unsupportive the Tories were.

    What has happened to this old lad however, is nothing short of a bloody disgrace.
  8. Makes you sick to the pit of your stomach that our old boys are treated in such a 'casual' manner. No doubt Social Services strangling themselves in Red Tape to the point of not being able to make a decision.
  9. The reason this gentleman starved himself to death is because he was not reunited with his wife of 68 years. It is unbeleivable that the system could do this to two human beings. It is abuse. Also why did their children not do more to help?
  10. I am afraid that i cannot find the words to express my DISGUST with how this man and his family have been treated.

    Nor can i find the words to express my SHAME that this sort of situation continues to happen time and again,particularly to those who should now be living their lives out in comfort,wanting for nothing.

    I am seething with ANGER,but am unable to vent it towards those who deserve it.

    Priorities need to be addressed in this country.
  11. What did you have in mind? The article states that his son visited every day, so I assume he did what was within his power.
  12. I work for a social services and my answer to this is the f***ing paperwork and computer work is drowning us now. We do NOT provide an holistic service and I am sad to say, the client does not come first. Both the councils and this crap government are getting hard-ons over figures. Open cases / close cases quickly / provide the quickest and cheapest. Send out Community Care Officers instead of proper professionals. See as many people as you can do do as little work as possible. Crap management, crap supervision, crap career management. My manager is useless but piles work on to us, in order to look good to her manager. Its all about targets and statistics

    I HATE IT but it is the only thing I am good at and I am desperate to find another job and in this current climate, I am not going to get out of social services soon.

    As a RAFA welfare officer, I have seen so many ex-servicemen treated poorly. I am ashamed to work for my counciil
  13. It happens all the time. The system is bollocks.
  14. I don't quite understand what power they had to keep him there.....effectively a prisoner.

    Why couldn't his son have just picked him up, put him in the back of his car and driven him back to his wife?