D Day Veteran Gets Holiday ... 71 Years Late!

A good news story:

A D-DAY veteran whose Isle of Wight holiday was cancelled after war broke out has made the trip at last - thanks to a 71-year-old credit note.

Len Townsend, 89, planned to stay with pals at a holiday park there in 1939 but when war started it was taken over by the Government and converted to a training facility, HMS Blazer.

Len, a radio operator and one of the first men to land on the Normandy beaches on D-Day, was given a credit note which he quickly forgot about.

He only came across it while going through papers after his wife Mae died in 2008, and mentioned it to son Jeremy this month ahead of undergoing major surgery.

Jeremy wrote to Bourne Hotels, which now runs the Bembridge Coast Hotel where Len was headed in 1939, and the company said it would honour the 10-shilling (50p) note with a family holiday.

Len said: "I was surprised when he told me they were going to give us a holiday. It was a very nice weekend - I'm glad I got here in the end."

D-Day veteran takes Isle of Wight holiday 71 years after cancelling it when war broke out - mirror.co.uk

More here complete with picture:

Veteran has his holiday... 71 years late
Great good news story well done Bourne Hotels..... Many firms would have told the old boy to foxtrot oscar....

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