D-Day. Thoughts and impressions

Out of all the countless images of D-Day there is one image, above all others, that sticks in my mind.
The camera is inside a British landing craft, looking over the shoulders of the men, waiting to disembark as the ramp goes down.
As the first men stumble out, it is obvious that they are under heavy fire. One man turns his head, looking back at the man behind him. He is young, nineteen at the most and you can see that he is terrified, as any sane person would be.
From out of shot a hand reaches forward and gives him a reassuring pat on the shoulder; there is a wedding band on the third finger; an older man,
‘Go on. I’m with you!’ it seems to say and the boy turns and goes forward.
I always wonder about those two; who they were, if they survived? Most of all, for me at least, it sums up the essence of comradeship; the steadying hand that helps one overcome the fear when both are equally afraid.
This is my personal and admittedly very subjective view; you may think differently and I'd be interested to hear your views.
Very nicely put, O.A., total agreement. One could hope that both survived, but I don't suppose we'll ever find out.
I watched a documentary years ago which featured the footage you're referring to. Bottom line was, the young bloke who was patted did survive the landings and the rest of the campaign and was quoted as saying that the pat on the shoulder DIDN'T reassure him as he was fully focused on the landings and his concentration was broken! What a guy.
Only downside of this is, I can't remember what he said about the guy who patted him.
Oh, b*gger, DB; that's another illusion shattered!
My Wifes uncle, Bill,trying hard to keep his tears back and failing miserbly ,thank God they didnt 60 years ago .
God Blees 'em all
Scouse G

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