D-Day snub to Queen

I may have missed an earlier thread on this, but I am prepared to be redirected.

I am a little confused by this issue of bonkers protocol, how can Sarkozy possibly get away with not inviting HM and Consort to this year's D-Day celebrations. He ought to have sent an invite out of respect, as an SOP.

One has to wonder what Broon and his cabal were thinking of when they did not ring the Elysee Palace straight away to insist the big-nosed tete de merde (pardon mon Franglais) change his plans; especially as our head of state and hubbie are both veterans of WW2. I bet the French will have the Germans along to commerate their Vichy relationship.

How embarrassing it would be if HM and HRH turned up, and quietly joined the serried ranks of the British vets in the crowd.

The Daily Rant gets the embers glowing:


Maybe we should start poking our indolent politicians to do something about how Europe chooses to fete US presidents, but forgets others that came to their rescue in 1944. The Commonwealth Forces were quick to accept the invitation to Normandy then!

I can feel another Gurkha moment coming on.
Ta mon brave.

I struggle with the technology you see!

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