D Day, Schools and History. WTF is going on?

Discussion in 'ACF' started by Ranger_Danger, Jun 5, 2006.

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  1. SOOOOOOOO Tonight on Parade:

    "OK Guys, today is the 5th June, eve of a hugely significant date in military history. Tomorrow will be 6th of June, any ideas what that is about?"

    Blank looks abound.........

    "OK think bad guys and good guys"

    "Miss! Miss! is that the 666 thingie sign of the devil thing like that film wots out now miss innit?"

    "Erm nope, think largest invasion fleet ever mustered"

    Blank looks abound again...........

    "OK think INVASION"

    Blank looks...........

    "OH FFS! some of you were here two years ago when we had a massive parade about it all"

    Blank looks...........

    "OK look think INVASION of EUROPE and WW2"

    Blank looks..........

    "OK think D DAY! now, what was D Day all about?"

    One hand is raised in the middle of the squad........

    "Miss, is that the day when they put the D in the alphabet?"

    "Well no, Ca*et *avi*son it's not now is it? were that the case prior to that *ate everyone woul* have ha* to talk like this now woul*n't they? an* furthermore your surname woul* be pronounced *avi*son would it not?"

    "You is just bein fick now miss, I wasn't born before then so now I as a D in me name innit"

    FFS what is going on at all and are they doing it to me on purpose? Furthermore after some discussion about the likes of Rommel, Montgomery, Eisenhower, Patton et all it became rather clear that none of them had the foggiest about it all. What is happening in schools these days? 8O :?
  2. They don't teach anything midly important.
    Just take note of the way they speak and spell "dis" "dat".
    Schools are just churning out retards.
  3. Got married on 6th June 1994. Date still sticks in my mind like a tumour. :(

  4. If our kids forget history, they will be destined to make the same mistakes in the future.

    So long as they are fully up to speed on gay issues, alternative contemporary art work and what a nomadic Icelandic Elk herder has for breakfast that’s ok.

    What do they actually teach kids nowadays?

    English - Clearly not
    Maths - Calculators and computers remove the need for that
    History - As long as it’s not ours
    Physics - Big no-no. H&S issues
    PT - As above
    RE - Everyone else’s bar 'ours'
    Social skills - ?
    Respect - In the sense of 'gansta rap chavness'

    I shall curse this government till the end of time for taking away what I used to be proud of in being British. Wankers.

    Ranger, did you educate the little darlings? Or would you have been accused of infringing their human rights?
  5. Well said Flashy. I did "Educate" them. We did "lots an lots an lots of pressups an situps innit man" NOT by way of punishment you understand, rather for the personal physical development of each individual. :D

    Set them task of coming up with name and rank of Officer Commanding first troops to land on D Day and name of place where said action happened. Next Monday we are, as a group, watching that classic "The longest day"

    Incidentally one of them thought that Eisenhower was "One of dem Germans wot Hitler sent Miss" I do not blame the kids, I look to our wonderful Government and their propensity for "liberal" and "modern" techniques in Edcuation.
  6. I agree Danger..... it isn't the kids fault in entireity but the education system sanctioned by this government!
  7. One daughter at school, the other nusery, both being taught exactly the same - Computing. At 2 years old my youngest knows how to boot up and shut down a comp and access paint and word, oldest is fully literate on it already, what I find fascinating is she'll read a story from the comp but the same one in a book and she's struggling... Oh and she can tell you about any religion in detail, I'm sure that will come in handy at some point :roll:

    Nice to know the education boards priorities are straight...
  8. Its called lazy edumacating, tiger. The teacher has removed itself from any responsibility.

    'Train hard, fight easy' should be made a common civilian term too.
  9. im 38 and i knew all about it so i must be lucky to to do so, before the rot set in schools, its all about teen pregnancies, benefits, "my human rights innit", etc

    even the cadets spelling is unbelievably crap, i have to undo the teacher bad education by correcting spellings more than actually teaching mil subjects.
    discipline is another thing, im doing the teachers job ! there is no discipline in school as such so they come into cadets thinking its all like that as well, no chance with me, i make them do unsavoury tasks including cleaning up after themselves at the end of parade nights, they still come back tho , so i must be doing something right.
  10. I posted on this a while ago and had an interesting response from a teacher as to what they do in history.
    cant find the link because i feel a bit lazy but it went along the lines of
    'we teach about the romans, tudors and'
    wait for it

    the AMERICAN WEST!!!!!!!!!
    wtf is all that about
    So history is now done by ways of showing gladiator, henry VIII and brokeback mountain (to teach kids about gays aswell)
    lazy cnuts
    I didnt realise that the british empire included the wild west and the like
  11. In the good ol' days when I went to skool, (think Abba etc) the two World Wars weren't even mentioned. But luckily I read loads of Commando books so I was an expert in how to hotwire Me109s and I could shout simple phrases in German by the age of 12, much to the alarm of the neighbours.

    Now it's on the National Curriculum, every kid has to do at least a couple of weeks on it and in fact it's actually one of the few things in education that recent governments have got right.

    Hasn't helped sales of Commando books though, because Gott in Himmel, I can't get them anywhere.
  12. As someone who actually did that course.................it was sh!te.

    Thats true semper, the parents who don't give a fcuk and palm them off onto us to get them out of the house are a bunch of tossers. These are the same ones who say we've indoctrinated (insert chav equivalent) thier kids into joining the army.....as they enjoy cadets so much.
  13. they are not "PC" I expect. There may be some left in my parents' attic :D - think I will have a look next time I visit (they were my brothers not mine btw). I want to know why you can't get proper Action Men anymore - who wants a skateboarding Action Man for heavens' sake!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Gimme!
  15. Make me an offer I can't refuse :D