D-Day Offer to Veterans



D-Day veterans will be given free passports and half-price ferry tickets to attend next June's 60th anniversary of the Normandy landings.

The MoD wants to encourage as many as possible to take part in what is likely to be the last major commemoration of the 1944 attack on "Fortress Europe". It hopes that as many as 6,000 veterans will attend the anniversary ceremonies, which are expected to to be led by the Queen and President Jacques Chirac.


thats rather nice of the govt to do that ,
wish they did it before tho , maybe all veterans should get that privilage to visit countries that they served in on vacation rather getting shot the lasttime round and maybe see if the said countries has improved since


Pity the Government cannot fund all the pilgramiges to the far corners of the world,where British servicemen have fought and fallen.

It's a start, I suppose. (Maybe its Hoon trying to clear his guilt)

I am trying to persuade my old man, to do the Cenotaph one last time, to doff his cap to his mates he lost in Burma. Maybe next year!
The tight sods were just waiting until most of the old boys had "Faded Away" so's they could make an apparently magnanimous gesture that would not take any funding away from any of Bliar's "High-visibility" projects with which he could be associated!


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