D. DAY NORMANDY. ARNHEM. SAPPERS. Sword Beach to Bremen.

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by swordman, Sep 18, 2006.

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  1. Hi
    I left the RE back in 1945 having been clobbered on the German Border Near Overloon, Limburg Holland,.
    I often wonder how the Sappers set up today, compares with the old Field Company in the Third British Infantry Div (Monty's Ironsides) of WW2.

    Being it is 62 years since I saw service it must have changed out of recognition.
    Swordman. :D
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  2. Hello Swordman, welcome to Arrse!

    I got out last year, but is has changed - some of the sappers have even got chesticles now! Although I think most of the kit is prob. still the same.
  3. Greetings.

    People have changed (apart from knocker, you may have served with him) but equipment hasn't!!
  4. but they all look like blokes for the most part 8O 8O 8O 8O

    does not make him a bad person though...........................cnut :x :x :x :x

    welcome home "swordman"

    once a corps-man ALWAYS a corps-man................hurrah :D :D :D :D
  5. Cheers! It is true. Once a Sapper always a Sapper.
    But my days were of Sword Beach. Schu and "S" mines. of the 12th SS Panzer. Of Das Reich Panzer. Pegasus Bridge, Caen, and Market Garden.

    According to my late Sapper Officer. Captain Edwards RE, Bless Him! We were the best field Company RE in Normandy. He sadly, is long gone, but he was always very proud of his Sappers. A lovely man RIP
    Swordman. :D
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  6. Greetings Swordman! How about telling us what Fd Coy you were in etc etc etc?

  7. Hi Robre.
    Sure. 246 Field Company RE. Third British Infantry Division. (Monty's Ironsides) One of three RE field companies. the others were 17th RE and 253 RE. With 15 Field park co.
    Sword Beach to Bremen. Though like so many of my mates, I never got to Bremen. My war finished on a lonely road between Overloon and Venraij at one in the morning, while bringing back the next days battle orders. that was the second time the boche got me, but this time there would be no return.
    But that is a long time ago. When I was nineteen. I am now gitting near the 82 mark, but very interested how the RE operate today? It must be so different from my time and Company, with three platoons and sections. In those days we were often split up, all over the place.Some of us were at Pegasus, others at Hillman. and Hermanville.
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  8. It occured to me that there are not many WW2 Sappers left, and some may query my authenticity on here? I know it is unusual. For elderly old buzzards like me to be computer wise. I would upload a picture. But this site is new to me.
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  9. Hello Swordman, you sound gen to me fella, any stories you would care to share with us please, think you'll find a lot of ears here mate, glad you swung by!!
  10. Good on you, it is true that men of your calibre are few and far between these days so like has been posted before it would be great if you shared some of the thing you got upto as a sapper.
  11. If you are a Sapper you will love this!

    . What makes me smile, and the press or media were loath to mention, is that when the Commandos turned up with their piper to relieve the Airborne at Pegasus Bridge.

    There was a Sapper Sgt and his squad, already stood there having a cigarette watching this performance. Now! That would never suit the media, the story loses a hell of a lot of impact if it was known that the sappers got there first....

    But I can assure anyone that it is true.
    In the original report, it said that the Sapper Sgt was laconically leaning against the bridge, hands in his pockets smoking a cigarette.!
    Now that really blows all the romantics right out the window. Things never are as you think! I really don’t know why it should come as a surprise? After all, they landed before anyone else,

    DD tanks first, Sappers at the same time, the rest followed. Some Commando never landed to mid morning, to be greeted by a Pioneer labouring on the beach with "Where have you been then "

    "Lovely aint it?" That sort of thing really tickles me.

    This from a friend: I was really pleased to read your story of Pegasus Bridge because my late brother-in-law, who was an RE major, told me the same story many years ago. He, too, mentioned the Sapper NCO smoking a cigarette as the commandos' arrived. I guess the poor old Sappers weren't glamorous enough to get full credit!
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  12. Swordman-

    Have you noticed any changes in todays Army from your day? Not meaning the equipment and such like but the banter between the blokes and the calibre of the blokes in todays Army?

    ( By the way Knocker he can refer yo you as SPROG, probably one of the only ones that can!!)
  13. did you raise a glass to your fallen friends yesterday ????

    gone but not forgotten.

  14. ronnie who bottled it & got out & who is still serving the beloved corps ................................................... i rest my case 8O :D 8O :D
  15. Only joking mate!! Well there are plans afoot with that side of things!! :D :D :D