D-Day Landings

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by TheWarden, Jun 6, 2004.

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  1. Rather Good of Richard Todd (The Longest Day) to tell all the world that the first to touch French soil at D Day were the Glider Pilot Regiment at Pegasus Bridge. We all know but a lot out there do not know at all.

    Pitty the French spoilt the Ceremony by turning the thing into Les Miserables after the Medal presentation.

    Then he had the ordacity to babble on in French to a generally English speaking audience, who were celebrating the fact thet it was the English, canadians and Americans (Give or take a few other nationals) who did this. But no!!!!!!!!! The arrogant French T**T had to do it all in Frog with some bimbo interpretting wrong - Showing the wrong Flags - and although it was a little delicate at having Gerhard Shroeder there, Chirac then put him through watching all what germany had done to them from 1933. Good mate that he is. D Day was led by the British so it should have been the Queen who arrived last, to a standing ovation, considdering she served in the War, not some bumbling halfwit. Under these cercumstances he shoud have done the presentations and speeches in English.

    Good to see the Red arrows flew over with red white and blue exhaust trailers - in that order.

    I know that it was French soil but come on - Chirac played too much of a political card an I was disgusted. By the way, where was he on D Day????? because of all the news and lead up programmes, nobody said what he was doing..........Probably Vichy.
  2. Well said Warden!!
  3. Bollocks, EU rules!!!!!!
  4. balls, Collaborater!!!!!!!!
  5. I thought the world leaders must have turned up to the ceremony in the order their countries joined the war; hence Bush being last
  6. :lol: nice one