D-Day for Iran drawing ever closer?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by A_Brace_of_Buns, Sep 16, 2007.

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  1. Just found this on the German service of Yahoo.com, the translation is mine:

    Could it be that D-Day for Iran is drawing ever closer? Is it likely to be a three-pronged attack; from Iraq, Afghanistan and carriers based in the Persian Gulf/Indian Ocean?
  2. 8) 8) 2008 is a good year 8) 8)
  3. Just so long as they hold off for a few months; I can get some fizz in, finish my Farsi course and apply to 23 Support Squadron's Int. Cell... :twisted:
  4. The UK won't be playing, there would be unprecedented national uproar if Broon did a Bliar. It also calls into question UK operations in both Iraq and Afghanistan, particularly as the Afghan mission is a NATO one.
  5. If it does kick-off, do you really think any British forces anywhere near the area will have any fcuking choice as to wether or not they get involved?

    The Iranians, if attacked, will return fire against any target they can reach, including British Forces.

    Finally - never underestimate the stupidity and apathy of the Great British Public... :evil:
  6. we can barely support ops on two fronts at once, never mind three. The Yanks are struggling for troops as well
  7. Yeah, but since when did the politicians give a fcuk about that... :? :evil:
  8. Why do troops have to be used? Surely the US can do what they need to with airpower alone
  9. I can't see how this can be done with boots on the ground. Think about how the Iranians sent tens of thousands of unarmed loonies to their deaths charging Iraqi machine guns posts and clearing minefields in the 1980s. Then imagine each one of them with a suicide vest and orders to take out at least one invader on their way to paradise. Sure you can invade, but you won't be able to allow a single fully-clothed Iranian to come within 50 yards afterwards, which would make post-war nation-building interesting.
  10. Because its never worked and never will. You need Infantry and lots of it - including AFTER the battle - see the current clusterfcuk caused by Bush/Blair/Rumsfeld in Eyerack.

    Not a personal thing but your type of thinking is what gives the politicos a warm wet feeling and the soldiers who have to mop up the sh1t after its all gone t1ts up death and injury.
  11. Yeah, but have you seen the size of the place, the variety of terrain and the vast number of provincial centres? And even the Iranian liberals will back their government, however much they despise the mullahs. Just don't expect any cheering in the streets as the statues come down.
  12. Ahh, but you are looking at this completely wrong. By attacking Iran it joins up the fronts in Iraq and Afghanistan and thus results in operations on one front. Two fronts down to one front = half the work.

    Gordon the Broon, I'll expect my Lordship in the post this week.
  13. But what would they really want boots on the ground in Iran for? It's not like they're going to be doing any (half arsed) reconstruction this time. :)

    They know that they can't stop Iran's rumoured nuclear program without physically invading which isn't an option so from the looks of it they've decided to simply bomb everything they can and settle for at least slowing it down a decade or so until they're well out of power. One of the links AndyPipkin posted had a credible theory - quick dash across the border to raid the Fajr IRGQ base to get some proof of their formenting trouble and then use their reaction as an excuse to start the weeks worth of bombing raids. How all this will turn out is anyone's guess. Oil prices are going to go through the roof though so that should be fun on top of the current market difficulties.
  14. ooooooooooooh, pooooo, more crap , as said here the powers that be ( and be that yank , or brit , or european, or UM, will do somthing about this) and its going to cost all of us , oil is going to hit a new high, and it will be a very very high high.................. winters coming , gas tank need filling , oooooooooooooooh poooooooo!!! Pity when they send me on tour I cant bring me home some battle souviners, likre the men of old did, some gas for the heating would be good!!!!@