D Day anniversary ~ 6th June 1944

This evening I will be raising a glass of finest single malt to all those brave men of the Royal Armoured Corps who "swam" ashore.

RIP George, you were a true hero along with many many others.

Thank you. :salut:
Same here, i knew a Hussar who was in the first wave of tanks to land on Sword Beach, then went on to fight all his way across Europe. But he said he would like me to remember his friends who never made it with him, as he has had his life and they never did.

Thank you for my Freedom
I will be having a pint for these men who gave their lives! On another note...I will be having many pints after that as its my birthday :)
To all the men that took a early morning stroll across the beach that day, all the best and thank you, and to an milkmen out there hope you enjoyed your early morning dip, will be raising my glass to you all later.
I met a Legion gentleman a while ago and after chatting to him for a while I found out that he was a landing craft pilot from the original landings 64 years ago. He was very moved as he described how he witnessed many of his mucca's fall to their death as they de-bussed onto the shore. Truly horrific and imagination cannot possibly come close.

Cheers lads, thank you very much.

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