D Day 69th Photos

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by fairmaidofperth, Jun 7, 2013.

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  1. Great pictures, good time was had by all I bet
  2. It was the best one I've been to and we even had the sun come out. Unlike last year's torrential rain thanks to the French President turning up. Yesterday was brilliant, the RBL/NVA commemoration in Bayeux CWGC cemetery then the NVA one at Arromanches, with a Spitfire flying overhead doing a victory roll, then sitting beside a wonderful veteran at dinner who was celebrating his 88th birthday. There was a special cake with sparklers. He said in 1944 there were a lot more fireworks for his 19th birthday ... He was one of five brothers who saw active service and all of them came back.
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  3. I'm planning to go to next year's commemoration if I get the time off.
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  4. As announced by the French yesterday, the main international event for the 70th will be at Sword Beach/Ouistreham. Hotels are taking bookings already ...
  5. Hmm that sounds like a plan.
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  6. Thanks for sharing. Great to see some old cap badges amongst them. Whats the medal on the far left on this chap? Is it a gallantry medal? Never seen it before.

  7. Once a Brylcreem Boy, always a Brylcreem Boy. Snappy 'Tache :p :p

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  8. Seen and looking into it already, cheers ^^
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  9. Hopefully see you there then!
  10. You - plural
  11. I was brought up not to say yous ....
  12. Aye, right, an that.
  13. Et moi.
  14. Superb photography.
    You captured those old guys with just the right balance of " Hey, lets go over for this Remembrance - sounds like a good pissup to me" and the other moments when they wander off by themselves to visit the mates who did'n't come back.
    I only found one photo incongruous.
    57. WTF is that all about ? Please tell me you slipped it in to provoke a typically crude,puerile and natural Arrse response.
    Please don't tell me that is you.
    Fair Maid of Perth you are a mature, yet sylph-like, vivacious Scottish vixen with a penchant for button-up high heels.
    Not a dung-ball in 1944 Battle Dress.
    Tell me it's not you in the middle or another nice fantasy goes awol.