D-Day 60th Celebrations

Is it just me or is the stable door being bolted well after the nag has left the paddock?

A certain Air Vice Marshall issued direction about 57 days before the event is due to start that the forces are to support this event (quietly) in order to prevent our Illustrious Leader ending up with egg on his visog.

Humm, too little too late again...? However, I'm sure that we'll manage to pull the frying pan out of the fire as always.
Doesn't surprise me at all. TBliar (praise be upon his name!) is trying to keep the Left wing of the party happy by playing down the celebration of such militaristic history.

How he manages to tread this tightrope to using us in such a robust right-wing fashion and appeasing his left wing of t'ossers is beyond me.

Still I hope some double dealing b'astard is cutting the role right now! :twisted:
Planning on going over with the Da

Does anyone know if Irish Guards have anything planned there at all?
Bravo_Bravo said:
I thought everyone was deployed?
:lol: There's still sufficient people available to do high profile events like this if TBliar is liable to end up with egg on his face. Now the budget for the whole thing, that's a different question.

Another interesting concept - the US Army paid about 27 times more just for their camp infrastructure (just construct the whole d@mn thing - don't take any tents) compared to the UK budget. POTUS (if he goes) will travel in a vehicle flown in from the States - Tony, God bless his cotton socks, will get a second hand Trabant if he's lucky with the amount of cash allocated to this thing.

Not that TB's transport really bothers me. What would be a great shame is if we are unable to provide the support to the (sadly) few remaining veterans of the original D-Day landings whom we are there to support and admire. And be able to pay our respects to those who are unfortunately unable to be there. They deserve better I think.
<soapbox mode off>
What do we all make of the hoo-hah over Schroeder laying a wreath?
Macks said:
What do we all make of the hoo-hah over Schroeder laying a wreath?
It will take a fair amount of careful scheduling to avoid potentially embarrasing situations for either the veterans or Herr Schroeder. However, a fair number of German soldiers were killed during the invasion, and it is only right that, regardless of their side, they are remembered properly at this time.

I am, however, sufficiently diplomatic to realise that the sight of a number of D-Day veterans egging the German Bundeskanzler might be amusing, but potentially embarrasing for BLiar. Would be funny though...

I don't actually think that the veterans would be as worried about it as those going there to make sure that the situation doesn't arise. Anyone with elderly relations who might be able to comment on this?
That will be the next lot of photo's to appear in the Mirror.

Front page:

A D Day vet shoving his zimmer frame up Herr Schroeder's khyber pass!

8O :lol:

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