D-Day 06 June 1944 - Remembrance 0n 66th Anniversary!



Just as an anecdote related to 2/75th's D-day exploits. A detail assigned to shift some old wall lockers back in the mid 80's came across an old boathook with a small US flag attached to it. Turned out to be the one actually carried up the cliffs at Point Du Hoc that had been missing for a dozen years. Was sent to Ft. Benning for proper storage.
Normandy was an American victory; it was their duty to trace the twists and turns of fortune by which success was won.

Really? I'm not glossing over the number of casualties suffered at Omaha beach compared to the other landng beaches but the Normandy campaign as a whole was not an American victory alone. Facing British 2nd Army at Caen were the following: 1st SS Panzer Division, 2nd SS Panzer, Division, 12 SS (HJ) Panzer Division, 9th SS Panzer Division, 10th SS Panzer Division, Panzer Lehr Division and the 21st Panzer Division. The 1st US Army faced the 17th SS Panzergrenadier Division and remenants of Panzer Lehr and remenants of 2nd SS Panzer Division (after their mauling from the British & Canadians).

After the Normandy campaign ended in August 1944 the numerical superiority of the US forces, compared to the British, meant that from then on it would be a US victory. Although Mongomery tried very hard at Arnhem to put the ball back in the British court.

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