Discussion in 'Military Discipline' started by bataz, Aug 22, 2013.

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  1. Long story short I'm going to d coy at MCTC then getting the boot. Heard all the horror stories but just after some recent accounts of d coy at MCTC. As far as I'm aware daily routine consists of PT then education all day.
  2. Shouldn't you be marking time?
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  3. For what it`s worth, , I did some time, (28 days as B&B) in MCTC. As far as I can remember, A Wing was getting troops ready for Soldiering on (no pun intended) and D Wing was getting troops ready for CivDiv.

    Time on A Wing was Day 1, SLR Lesson 1; whilst D Wing was really very basic military wise. Certainly none of the beasting we got on our wing.
  4. I found a PDF doc on google giving basic detail of what happens but any further detail is appreciated, thank you.
  5. Live by the sword...die by the sword...burst sofa...japanese flag...all things that will no doubt become familiar...soon.
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  6. Thanks
  7. You're welcome..SNLR..
  8. Auld-Yin

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    Going to MCTC then discharge, how come you are on 'tinterweb if you are banged up, which I presume you are if you have been sentenced?
  9. I'm on unpaid leave awaiting a court martial date.
  10. But you know that they're bang to rights & you'll get sent down..?
  11. Solicitor has advised me worst case scenario 1 year in MCTC so I'm going with that. Expect the worst then cant be shocked.
  12. what you "alledegy'll" done then ?
  13. You'll learn all about motor-bikes and stuff there, so one is led to believe.
    anyway..what did you do?
  14. Aren't sentences exceeding 56 days served in proper nick?
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  15. Bollocks.
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