Czech Republic planning to delay signing Lisbon treaty

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Blogg, Sep 20, 2009.

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  1. So what, they cry. Ah. well.....

    "....leaders are said to be furious that the Czech Republic is planning to delay signing the Lisbon treaty for up to six months even if the Irish vote "yes" in their referendum next month.

    The country might even try to delay it until after the British general election campaign when a Tory victory would see the question put to voters by David Cameron.

    Nicolas Sarkozy, who helped to draw up the treaty after the French and Dutch voted against its predecessor, the EU Constitution, has warned Prague that it faces "consequences" if it does not swiftly follow an Irish "yes" with its own ratification. "

    "This would mean that the treaty could still be unratified going into the British general election campaign, expected next April or May. Mr Cameron has pledged that, if the document remained a live issue, even though Britain has completed its own ratification, he would call a referendum on it. This prospect horrifies most EU leaders, given the strong vein of euroscepticism in Britain. "

    Best thing I have read for a very long time
  2. At least it goves us an outside chance of getting a referendum should the Irish vote yes this time round.
    The Czechs have some sense it seems.

    Hurrah to the Czechs!!!!!
  3. good on the czechs! it is criminal that brown ratified the treaty in violation of a manifesto pledge. I think when the public realise what has happened, there will be a massive backlash, which may end the EU for good, which i think would be very sad.

    You cannot force political integration on people. we have seen what happens in the former soviet states when political integration is forced on people. We should be letting these things happen' naturally, and not being forced by greedy politicians. WE need to be socially integrated before we can be politically integrated.
  4. It's still a big 'if'.

    Cameron will be pleased to see this news prior to the conservative party conference as it gives him a little breathing space within his own party on the matter.But not much

    'If' the czechs hold tight and wait for the cavalry (in the form of a British referendum) I will be booking a flight over to celebrate in Prauge.

    This is far from the war won but its still some most welcome news.
  5. The Irish have given us a chance that we might get a say.
    Now the Czechs have given us a little more of a chance.
    The tragedy is our own b@stard politicians will not give us the chance to speak.
  6. I'll buy the first round.
  7. Bet they saw the "incentives" promised to the Irish and decided to jump on the band wagon. It used to be called bribery or demanding money with menaces. :)
  8. Come the glorious day I'll buy the first box of link! :)
  9. You have to love the way that the EU works - "If you don't give the answer that we want, you can keep on voting until you do."

    Good on the Czechs - a small ray of hope that Swamper won't be able to sell us down the river. Again.
  10. I'm inclined to agree with DemsMaShoes and think they are holding out for what they can get via, what in any other sphere would be countenanced as promises of payola/preferential treatment/bribes, etc., I've lived in Europe since the grinning Spiv gained power in the UK but see the monolithical EU as a self serving entity for those who are in their employ and those with vested jobsworth interests. IMHO it should revert to a purely mutually beneficial trading organisation as was its initial remit. [Or so we were led to believe]
  11. I was going to post something related to the above about houses of parliament, but I think I should keep my fantasies to myself. :D
  12. Canny old Czechs. Realising that closer links with EU probably means shed loads more bloody awful British stag and hen parties they have decided to hold off!

    Still, I liked it when I went there!
  13. It was never just about trade......"ever closer union" way back at the start.