Czech Republic 1 Scotland 0

Where to start with this shambles? Well,I suppose Levein's team formation will do: 4-6-0,yes thats right folks 6 "midfielders" and no strikers!!!!

I can handle Scotland "parking the bus" against top quality teams but previously we've always played at least 1 striker and this Czech team can no longer be described as top quality.

Astonishingly Levein said afterwards that he was happy with the performance and only disappointed because we lost the goal to a set-piece; unbelievable!! Scotland had no shots on target and no corners.It only perked up a little when Miller and Iwelumo came on as the Czech defenders were surprised at having something to do after 75 minutes.

I dont think anyone can defend what we saw last night,not even the most blindly loyal member of the pheasant hat brigade.

Time for Levein to go.

Oh shit,is that Spain on the horizon???
Thankfully I never watched all of it, after 5 minutes I turned it off.

I hear we are getting new sponsors

Pampers, p!sh at the front and shoite at the back
Apparently Bill Leckie in The Record is defending Levein. I havent got the guts to read it online in case I launch my laptop.
Relax fella's! At least you know that you're going to be shite and won't qualify. We'll have the hassle of qualifying with ease and then everyone getting worked up and thinking we're going to win the competition. Then we'll get knocked out as usual..............
You should know all about these tactics as you are a hun after all. I mean Walter "the cardigan" Smith has been getting away with this criminal anti-football for ages!
Seriously though, a terrible decision to play without a recognised striker, pure madness.

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