Czech court clears Lisbon Treaty

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by petergriffen, Nov 3, 2009.

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  1. BBC page
  2. Quick somebody play the Imperial march from Star wars.......
  3. Not good.

    How can we possibly be launched into Europe without ever being asked for our vote on the matter?
  4. In the final analysis we are an island race and at some point we'll stand alone again. Maybe it's just the folks I hang out with but everyone seems heartily sick of it.
  5. The sooner the better. Can we start by bombing Brussels?
  6. Has anyone here actually read the treaty??
  7. Yes - what's your point?
  8. Never have so many been fucked over by so few..

    That's it then. Goodnight Sooty.
  9. Lots of people terribly worried but I'm guessing most of the Nation haven't.

    Including me. I'm too busy preparing for the long-range shelling of Lyon for all that reading business...

  10. Many of the PM's who signed it haven't even bothered to read it.
  11. Has Finland ratified the Treaty? I ask because there is the small matter of the small Island of Stone (I think it's called) which hasn't been consulted by the Finnish Government, in defiance of their Constitution and which has the right of Veto over the Finnish Parliament. Not that I think the rest of the EU (or the Finnish Parliament) will give a toss about that !
  12. A poster above mentions the 'importance' and 'relevance' of borders in Europe - big countries (France and Germany) and little countries (Belgium, Denmark).

    Let us not forget the country, the country that 'voted' us into the European Federated States, that we share a border with - Ireland. Let us not forget Ireland.
  13. Why do you say let us not forget Ireland?
  14. You can't forget us ever....we're special 8)
  15. the main problem i think is the self amending clause (article 48) in it.
    It quotes

    Article 48 of the Lisbon Treaty gives the EU powers to amend its own treaties, without recourse to an intergovernmental conference or a new Treaty.

    so they can change it whenever they feel like it, without the need for a referendum, not that we had one anyway