CZ 452 & 453 (set trigger)

Finally getting round to replace my old .22 bunny basher & looking at getting back to a CZ rifle. Have narowed it down to the varmint in a 20" barrel, but i have since noted that there seems to be a new(er) version the 453 with a set trigger ?!. Does anyone have any experiance with either of these two variants & how did you get on with the set trigger ?. Is it like the old Mauser with the two triggers or a push forward on a single trigger.
Many moons ago i used to have a CZ before i sold it & regreted it ever since hence going back to one now.
cheers CM.
I have 2 CZs

As you say 1 trigger and move forward to engage

I have a 7.62 with a set trigger and it's very sensitive
For me it has limited use so not a buying point.

My .17 HMR works just fine with the basic trigger.
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