cyst on my back

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by stockers, Nov 19, 2008.

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  1. im in the process of completing my medical forms at the moment, and have what i think is a cyst on my lower back, if i was to get this treated would it be a bar to my entry, or cause me to be deffered? it has been there for a few years, but i only notice it sometimes, it feels like hard movable lump, to the right of my spine. can anyone help me out?

    cheers dan
  2. Get it sorted ffs. It shouldn't bar you from entry if you get it sorted out, however leave it and it'll get found at some point before you start training and then it will be a problem.
  3. It can usually be done at your local surgery, takes 15mins, under local.
  4. As above, stitches out in seven days and you are good to go.
  5. Ahem - he should go and see the doctor asap. A lump is a lump.

    I can't believe I let you look after my dog.......
  6. cheers for all the advice. im going to book an appointment tommorow to get it checked out. if it is definately a cyst and i get it removed, will it affect the selection process? ie. will i be deferred for a certain length of time?

  7. Don't know the answer to that but if you burst it when running around in webbing and bergan it'll certainly cause you problems.
  8. They won't let him start training with it unsorted, and then he'll be off training till it is sorted and fully recovered. looking at being a couple of weeks behind everybody on his intake straight away, so will get "back classed" at the very least.
  9. Thanks for sharing that AM... now, whats for lunch...
  10. or just leave it..... never did me any harm
  11. Get it sorted by your GP. When he can get it out nicely and cleanly you'll get a nice stich or two which his assistant will remove in about a week.

    When there are no complications (infections, so keep the wound clean!) it won't have to influence your application at all. It is not a medical condition that can bar you from entry when treated properly. Having a cyste which bursts, or becomes infected while in training you'll not only have a lot of pain, but also a lot of -well deserved- grief for being a lazy and cowardly cnut for not looking after yourself!
  12. Hope this has acysted you.

  13. Don't leave it, or you could end up with one of these:


    Just like mine. :wink:
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