Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by kfcno1, Nov 25, 2006.

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  1. My brother's just started Phase2 in Blandford and found out yesterday that after Yorkshire he's off to Cyprus for 3-5 years.

    Whats the reality of Cyprus? My bro's acting like a jammy bugger

  2. He will undoubtedly be in close contact with the RAF when he arrives in Cyprus as every unit there is crawling with the sad feckers.

    If your brother is a Spec Op, he will most likely fellate the male members of the RAF.
  3. Great for 6 months then you get bored with the sun and sea. Services are generally treated as 3rd class citizens and dependents as 6th class. The locals will be useless at their jobs despite adequate dependents able to fill them (on base) You will be offered many promises by the locals but all they are interested in is your money, quality and workmanship are non exstistant, you will be ripped off from your local bar to car showroom.

    Very very disapointing posting, spend as much time travelling OFF the island as possible.

    The island itself is a building/rubbish site totally ruined by the tourist trade and locals lack of hygiene and self respect
  4. You're not a fan then?!
  5. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    The Greek half of Cyprus well summarised..... :wink:
  6. I suffered a tour in Ay Nik, will wholeheartedly agree!
    Once the novelty has worn off pretty stuck for things to do, unless you are prepared to travel, also the winters are Dire!
  7. Did my motorcycle licence there.
    Went orienteering every week.
    Did the on island cross country season every week.
    Learned to windsurf and waterski.
    Got my pilots licence at Akrotiri.
    Played cricket every week in the Summer.
    Occasionally went to the beach.
    Didn't really drink because the headaches were horrible.

    It is a great opportunity but, like above, there are things to be wary of. Ay Nik is a car ride from anywhere and I can see how it can be lonely there.

    As ever, it is what you make it and there is never, ever, any reason to be bored in Cyprus.

  8. As has been said before (to a degree) - it's what you make it.


    Sub Aqua
    Water + snow ski (once on the same day..)
    RYA qualified Dinghy + RIB
    Cheap booze + fags
    Duty free purchasing
    Holidays: N. Cyprus (much better than S.), Jordan + Egypt
    Cheap eating out
    Weather (agree winters can be freezing)
    Some afternoons off (but early starts!)
  9. If they got rid of the Cypriots it would be excellent.
  10. What a shithole Limassol is.

    The standard of driving in Cyprus is a disgrace, if you think we have boy racers wait till you see these halfwits. The Cypriots are only interested in your money.

    I was too busy doing tours & excercises to enjoy all the adventure training.

    Would go back though (the wife told me to say that)
  11. Cyprus!!!!!!!!! The bain of my life. As a "Squad" you think it's going to be a place that's top notch all 18-30's (truth be know it was better before 18-30, it was cheaper). You get there and the restrictions are against you, if you do anything wrong outside the Soverign Base Areas, you'll be on a higher wanted list that Osama Bin Laden. Then again a lot of my pals had a good time before the murder of a certain Swedish bird. I suppose it depends on the political situation with the Greek Cypriots at the time and how much of an arse you are!

    As other guys have said, get out and about and don't just get caught in the Bar Strips in Limmasol and Larnaca or Ayia Napa.
  12. great in the summer SH*T in the winter everywhere shuts and those fu*king cyp thieves that lets it down
  13. Although it was 95 when I left, I found Cyp was an awesome place to be. You can enjoy the heat in the summer and skiing in the winter. Also lots of opportunities to visit Egypt & Israel (although a bit dodgy at mo) on cruises from Limassol. Yep the North is a great place to visit - esp in the summer, get away from the Greek side (the Turks are actually a better species, and respect the Brits more)! I have been back a few times since 95 - and it has changed (for the worse) - but still not to be sniffed at (he could be in Tidworth for 2 years)!! :D
  14. Cyprus great place but the rainy season is the pits...Seen dead dogs and cats floating around, drains are always blocked and my car nearly floated :!: ...but I would still go back :D
  15. It's getting VERY expensive here. I'm in Cyprus now.