OK, one more try for any new comers!

I will plan an "Arrse Cypriot gathering" if any one is willing?

Any suggestions to where? I know a few good places with in Nicosia but if people would like it else where please let me know.

If it is outside Nicosia and people need transport, no worries I can supply this!

Let me know if you want it before Christmas or after. I can get discounts in most decent bars or clubs in Nicosia if you ask nicely!

Thoughts here please :wink:
Sadly, I wouldn't be able to attend, but how about Troodos sometime between Xmas and New Year? ;)
Troodos? They have a night life there?

Too many trees and mountians to drink around, you know its going to end all wrong lol Could start a lost and found thread on Arrse after!

Will think about it, I know some of the Cypriot based lot have a time frame to how long they can stay out, bless them!

Any one needs a place to crash for the night, let me know I have plenty of room!
If there is anyone in Cyprus at the moment fancy meeting up let me know ... other than you Anya ;-) lol I'm often in Nicosia but live not far from Larnaca.
Same as LGW, any one just got into Cyprus or are here already? Drop me a pm and maybe we can arrange a night out in hte future?

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