Cyprus water shortage

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by chimp503, Mar 8, 2008.

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  1. Typical of the Cyprus government - first they have turned the island into a building site - over the years they have raped the same island of its flora and fauna, have a petty disagreement with Turkey which has halved their own country and displaced thousands, now they bury their heads in the sand and ignore the water drought they are having by shipping in water............ Do we want them as equals in Europe, never liked them, certainally dont trust them, what are your thoughts
  2. Well my first thought in reaction to your post has to be that you're a troll. On the actual subject itself if someone's offering them all the water they want free of charge so all that it will cost them is transport expenses why not ship it in as a stop gap whilst they figure things out rather than cause major disruptions to people's water supplies?
  3. Can anyone confirm that a EU member can claim millions of euros if the water supply is affected or damaged.
    The spanish did this or similar many moons ago.
  4. Thanks, never been called a troll before- a first for everything i suppose, secondly to answer your point about a stop gap, they have known this problem since I was last there in 96 and have done nothing about it, so a stop gap of 12 years for any government is taking the pish. I fully admit that I have no love for any cypriot, but to say they do not wish to disrupt their citizens any more than they have to is a down right lie, More like dont want to lose any money from the fat tourists that come here, is more like the reason.
  5. Me thinks you do not like cyprus and its people then had a bad tour in cyprus. I have had nothing but a good time on my tours over there yes I agree that they have turned a nice place in to a concreet jungle and spoilt the island I think its called greed and the dash for cash is a powerfull thing but I do not think that they have put there head in the sand over the water problem distilation is the way ahead for them and they are all over it ,there is one solution if the SBAs shut down then the water from the acuafers the SBAs take would help the cyps out but alas that will not happen and if you do not trust them why????????? I have never had a problem with them did you piss them of in any way me thinks so or are you a bit Turkish mind you I am getting married to a cypriot lass in a few weeks time so i am biased
  6. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Don't the SBA's have desalination plants?
    If they could produce drinking water HMG could make a bit of cash here and solve the problem
    How much does it cost to build desalination plants wouldn'y CYP Gov be cheaper doing that ?
  7. All that have spent some time in Cypus will know the phrase "Cyprus my friend" that is accompanied by the usual shrug of the shoulders .

    Many people get stressed at the different pace / attitude to work here , some foolishly believe they will change things and leave feeling stressed and unhappy , others accept that an appointment time is vague at best (sometimes they may even turn up on the same day as arranged) and accept that when in Cyprus do as the Cypriots .

    As to the water shortage it appears we may have to have to pay to fill up our swimming pools this year as opposed to using the hose last year , yes the water levels are low , yes there may be shortages but hey ,

    "Its Cyprus my friend" .

    But don`t get me started on their driving .
  8. YES you are im not a bit turkish - dont particuarly like them as a nation either........... as to marrying a cyp.... you made your bed then lie in it. Desaliation is not a viable way forward, I do hope they will close the SBA's THEN the sponging useless cyp's that HAVE to be employed can sponge off their own government for doing a bad job
  9. Agreed Chimp, is he 10?