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Having spent a bit of time 'on the line' a few years ago and the summer is nearly here - don't ever get me wrong - I thought it might be the right time to get a few UNFICYP stories out into the open.

Aside from the fine tailoring from Mr Osman and the dealings with the crazy Argies and Hungarian/ Slovaks, there were numerous incidents of Sector 2 soldiers having to wake up Greek border guards to let them exit the line in their vehs, C/Ss getting shot at by mad farmer (in S2W and not my unit!), drunken parties in Ledra Palace.

My particular favourite is the use of suggestive photos to advertise a 'slave' auction in Ledra Palace - they were plastered around - and then a UN committee on ex-sex workers coming in and taking great offence in them = Yellow Pages down the back of the trousers of CO from Force Commander.

I believe the Loggies are doing it now interspersed with a TA unit - it is an arduous tour. Mind you, might make the Loggies better dressed - but you can buy shiny and flecked material in Nicosia - I would hope that Mr Osman would burn said material if he received any.

Any other funnies? Dusty car park anyone?



On 29's tour in '95 our stripey chef at the Bty HQ at Kingston ended up spending the night in a Turkish cell after finding himself on the wrong side of the line on the way back off the lash in the UNPA.
2nd flds tour 89-90:
This may jog some memories for the 46 lads...Hiring a Daihatsu charade for the duration of the tour and using it to transport up to 16 bods from the village of Akaki to Limassol for a lovely night out...That car was battered when we gave it back,the car hire manager was nearly in tears!!
Egg burger Haloumi's from the bloke who also did the dhobi at Alexander bks.
Three oh for the Keo and brandy sours..Hmmm!
Woody causing an international incident with a Turkish flag(Midnight express anyone).
On the line, trying to avoid those packs of dogs and calling the humanitarian officer when you came across he could shoot them(Jammy twat).
Those statues of Archbishop Makarios accusingly pointing to the north.
Supporting the Canadians in Nicosia and standing guard to ensure that the border wasn't breached by either side..The border was basically an empty Orange box.
Having to deal with the Greek Cypriot women on their womens day march against the Turks. And prevent them from storming the border and entering the Turkish side..Never again!!
That massive Flag on the side of the kyrenia mountains(nuisance neighbours).
Being stuck at cape Greco over xmas and having dinner flown out with luke warm beerx1(very poor faire).
Being warned to avoid slide tackling in a footy match because the pitch was watered with recycled effluent.
The Africa bar in Ayia Napa..Exotic??
Some clever cnut advising us to take the scenic route over the mountains to Paphos...Near the top the road turns into a dirt track...Our mini bus felt like an artic on those overhangs!!
Paramali village...eerie!!
Thankfully not having to visit the box factory too often. The BSM was rather keen on tidy hair.
The shit truck driver who used to empty the thunder boxes once a week on the line..Who advised him on career options(LOL)
Having to salute everything that moved.
Volunteering to do an extra stag so that i could listen to the United/Palace cup final..The water tower sanger was the only place you could get a decent reception!

Ahh..Happy days! :D :D

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