Cyprus says Farewell! to NAAFI and Hallo to SODexo.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by BuggerAll, Mar 3, 2007.

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  1. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Project GIBSON has spoken and SODexo have got the contract to provide retail, messing, and other support services to British Forces Cyprus (BFC).

    There's a nice letter in the Cyprus Lion from 'Mr' GIBSON saying thanks to NAAFI for all thier hard work over the years and hopingbn that they will continue to do thier best until SODexo take over later in the spring.

    Call me a cynic but I don't think we have anything to thank NAAFI for - they are crap! Most of the in-store junior staff are good - but we don't need to thank them as they will be tre-employed by the incoming provoder.

    We've been told that GIBSON is a win - win situation. Its going to cost the tax payer less and the facilities are going to be better.

    The cynic in me kicks in again. I've never seen anything done by SODexo that could be remotely described as adequate. No doubt thye got the contract because they are cheap - but they're cheap because they are no bloody good.

    Still I stand to be corrected - if anyone out there can give examples of a good job done by SODexo then I'd love to hear about it.
  2. You're right, they're sh*t!
  3. I currently work for a large american company in civy street and they employ sodexho who are TOTALLY FCUKING S1HT.

    My turkey this year for our work xmas lunch was raw and they do not give a toss who they employ as most of them are Polish and give you little sihty helpings and their friends large portions.



    Sorry, Sorry, I had to get that off my chest.
  4. He's right. We all know Sodexo are cnuts.
  5. :frustrated: sorry didnt see the crap option. Hope you need to loose weight.
  6. 'Sod it catering' we call them.
  7. They are absolute BOLLOX!

    A few years back I worked as a Facilities Manager on a relatively small site (12,500 m2 - 140 staff) and had on site caterers who were very good. Sodexho bought them out, cut the (sh*t hot) manager out of post straight away and made his lacky site supervisor (of herself). This was fcuking amazing in itself because her absence record was unbelievable - she was off more than she was in work and couldn't supervise herself to get out of bed in the morning

    In any case, complaint after complaint after complaint went flying in from me to her management (When they did their quarterly visits) and every week via my own management chain. But in typical civvy softly-softly, nicey-nicey fashion nothing happened.

    The straw that broke the camel's back for me was when someone wound up with food poisoning. I sealed the suspect material and immediately reported it. Sodexho sent their OWN environmental people in to investigate and guess what, found nothing wrong with anything - in fact, everything was spot on. The real icing on the cake came when I showed them the food temperature records, completed in numpty's own handwriting and signed by her, filled in on days when she had been off sick. Gotcher!!! Right by the short and curlies!!!
    I couldn't be any more fcuking wrong. Falsification of official documentation and again, they did nothing and my own management did nothing either.

    In summary, you will wind up with a bunch of cost cutting wnakers who can put on a top A1 presentation and present all the management blurb to make it all look good but when it comes down to it you will get shite service, crap staff, fcuk all support (that covers its own arrse) and no effective disciplinary processes for anyone who is a complete fcuk up.

    Good luck. Sounds like an ideal time to start dieting.

  8. msr

    msr LE

    Sodexho run the catering where I work in Manchester and I can honestly say that it is the best company food I have ever had. It would not be out of place in a good quality restaurant.

    Clearly the trick is in the contract negotiation and the amount of money you are prepared to spend.

  9. Lets Face it. Sodexho are the lowest bidder, Thats all that counts with the useless bean counters that run the force.

    Sodexho will tupe over all the NAAFI Staff so no change there, make their terms and conditions worse, so moral will be down and eventually the service will hit rock bottom. (That’s slightly below were it is now)

    We should go back to having Mess staff employed by the system with military stewards and chefs being paid a descent wage with enough staff to do the job right first time.

    When will the stupid fu*kers that run this country realise that the only thing contractors are bothered about is their shareholders. Not the Navy or the Army or the RAF or even the Lads, just Money and big fat bonuses for the fat cat management.
  10. I've no experience of SODexo but I did work at a civvy location where Eurest ( a similar organisation) took over the catering. It was appaling. One of their specialities was "vegetable crumble" i.e all the week's left over veg' mashed up with crumble topping. I wouldn't feed it to a pig.

    Having only been a STAB I've no experience of how the Regular army catering system works but in a way that lets me consider the problem from first principles.

    Something that does occur is this:
    In the dim and distant past, say 100 years ago, messes must have arranged their own catering. The ACC didn't exist until WWII as far as I know and the NAAFI certainly didn't. As I understand, with PAYD, you can choose to eat there or not. What's to stop enlightened COs from encouraging the various messes in their units to establish alternative provision?
  11. msr

    msr LE

    I think you are missing the point of TUPE.

  12. I remember the OR mess at Akrotiri when the change from Service cooks and chefs Etc to civvy contractors happened.

    The food was absolutely crap. We had to eat there as we were on duty

    For christmas dinner, Christmas day we had SALAD!!

    F**KING SALAD, we were on 24 hr duty it was cold outside and pissing with rain foot patrolling the SBA.
    telephone call was made and the actual station commnder arrived to check out the food on the servery, as he was doing so a cat came up and rubbed himself up against his leg.

    The STN CMDR gave them 1 hour to put hot food out or they would all be sacked there and then.

    Worked a trick, lazy g***ly barstewards
  13. Did you notice you were eating Roast Cat an hour later? :thumright:

    SODdinguseless are at my place of work. They have closed down 2 of the four outlets around the airport, but re-opened smarter better concessions elswhere. We have a Starbucks (tasteless lukewarm expensive frothy shite) and a Illy coffee bar (far superior and cheaper)

    They used to be dire, but recently they have improved significantly. this seems to be due in the main to not having such rapid staff turnover, and employing some chefs who can actually cook, rather than just heat stuff up from the freezer. Occasionally it all goes wrong, like a lovely roast on a sunday, but no potatoes, and not thinking about the logical constituents of a meal, Bacon, but no eggs etc;
  14. We even had them take over the canteen in my old school when I was there. Absolutely fucking useless. Small portions, crap food, and the sort of staff who wouldn't look out of place in the readers wifes column of a German scat porn magazine.

    Cunts, all of them.
  15. You want to hear the saddest thing of all mate? They already know, they just don't care if people get fcuked over because, if things go wrong, the Government doesn't carry the can, the contractor does. And there you have the main reason why more and more public sector jobs and services are being turned into bog-standard PPPs and shadows of their former-selves. .

    Cnuts, the lot of them.

    Edited for cruelty to the common, or garden comma.