cyprus posting???

Discussion in 'REME' started by OrangeIsQuickest, Apr 15, 2008.

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  1. hi,

    i am just enquiring about any cyprus postings people on here have had recently.

    i have found out that there are 3 technicians there at anyone time. but what sort of equipment do they work on?

    what units are they attached to or is it just the HQ over there that they get attached to?

    if anyone on here can help with this info i would be very greatful.

    also if anyone is posted over there at the minute can you pm me as i have a few other questions to ask.


  2. Mostly working on their Sun Tan!!
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  4. Don't take your warhammer, it will melt!
  5. oi, tech boy get on the phone to the units and find out when and where the other tech boys are leaving. who really cares what kit you work on it is cyrus for gods sake.
  6. Surely down in Aki?
  7. I believe their was a Tech at each of the force workshops (well they both had specky geeks :D ), Dhekelia and Akrotiri but I was there in the late 90's so it might of changed and KEO brandy took its toll.
    H_T_B hope you get sunburn you Bleep :wink:
  8. Browning nicely thanks mate :wink:
  9. Funny enough, somebody already suggested that! :oops:
  10. When I was there (2003-2005), there were 4 techs in Akrotiri, 2 doing Tels, 1 Inst and 1 doing Office Machinery/Electronic Targets etc. There were also 2 (that I think dropped to 1) in Dhekelia doing bit of everything (mainly Tels though). Also, there were 2 MDSS techs in Dhekelia and 1 in Akrotiri. Hope this helps
  11. serving in cyprus now check ur pms mate
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  12. Hows Selcuk, Pany and the other LECs getting on, send them my best and what a cracking posting you have there.
  13. Hey up IRON, getting a bit bored at the mo, so fcuking off to the USA next week :wink:
  14. Im going on holiday to the UK for a week :D
  15. Quality mate, fancy a swap? :D