cyprus posting

Discussion in 'REME' started by soldier2uk, Nov 21, 2007.

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  1. ive just landed a posting to 62 cyprus sp sqn as vm in cyprus anyone servervd with them if so any good??
  2. Check PMs

  3. Some people get all the luck.
  4. I did :D
  5. not really filled out my ppp hard copy and on JPA
    3.any overseas
    and got what i asked for!!
    on JPA it gives you a negative location so i put UK
    i think they got the idea i wanted an overseas post!!
  6. Rub it in, while your there.
  7. Hope it rains
  8. Its not been.... :D
  9. It rained four days in the two years I did in Dhekelia, I did get burnt a bit when I knocked off at 1330 to go down the Cessac beach though. :D
  10. It's a shitter but...............well you know :wink:

  11. not sure how ill manage !!!!!
  14. yes i did thanks sounds good. i go as a full screw aswell really hope i get the boat station! probably pm you for some more info soon